Patriots Join Forces to Stand Up For The Man Who Won’t Concede to Corruption – Allen West



Allen West Republic, who is NOT an “Official” part of the “Allen West for Congress” campaign, has and is coordinating it’s efforts with the citizens of South Florida and the entire nation in an effort to insure that EVERY VOTE in St. Lucie County is properly counted.

Spokesperson for the group, John Swetland said: “We do not understand how Patrick Murphy, a Certified Public Accountant, would not want to see the same outcome: A fair election, where the man with the most votes wins, NOT the man who was fortunate enough to have the mistakes of the SOE go his way”.

Allen West Republic has successfully utilized the people within it’s Facebook Group and Fan pages to gather and coordinate people from the FL-18 district area and surrounding areas. Local mobilization was led by a dynamic husband/wife team of Gary & Melinda Galiano, along with others who have been steadfast to Congressman West’s efforts for over 2 years. People have come en-mass, either showing up to demonstrate, bring food, or witness the recounts. Mark Bonner, creator of the Breitbart-One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened” and their 41K members were vital to sharing our message and gathering some of their members who live in the St Lucie area and across south Florida.

Tanya Grimsley, the backbone of the groups social networking efforts, recapped yesterdays events: “The decision was made by the court to stop Allen West from preempting the Board. Judge Vaughn did not feel that with the evidence presented by West that he could intervene and force a recount. So, Murphy’s attorney, SOE’s attorney and the attorney for the Canvassing board made their main point that the Judge would supersede the law if the judge ordered Board to do a recount and they won. The Canvassing Board met at 4 PM yesterday and after a very long wait and delay and letting the people actually speak they then decided on their own 2-1 vote to do the recount. NOW Murphy’s attorneys want an injunction to stop the recount. ASKING that same judge to intervene.”

Statement from the Official West Campaign:


Stuart, FL – West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding Patrick Murphy’s lawyers’ attempt to get the 19th Circuit Court Judge to disallow the retabulation of early votes agreed to by the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board:

“In a last-ditch effort to suppress the vote, Murphy’s lawyers submitted sloppy and incomplete papers to the Court this morning to try to strong-arm the judge into preventing today’s retabulation already underway. The Murphy team’s motion is procedural and substantively lacking. With every action attempted, Murphy demonstrates a complete lack of respect and utter disregard for the voters of St. Lucie County.

Murphy’s efforts bring to mind the dark times in our nation’s history when politicians tried to manipulate the law to suppress the votes, and we are appalled by Murphy’s apparent contempt for the voting rights of citizens to have their ballots accurately and fairly tabulated.

Murphy knows there are votes that have not been counted, but he’s taking legal action to ensure the results are certified anyway. Perhaps the Justice Department should investigate Murphy’s attempt to steal himself a seat in Congress at the expense of the voters in St. Lucie County.”

Swetland when asked about the missing ballots had this to say: “Well we do not know WHY they went missing, we can only assume. Last night they found 304 more missing ballots…that is in addition to all the other errors throughout the week, but of that I do not have an accurate number that I’d be comfortable quoting.”


Also involved in helping support us: St Lucie County Republican Party, Palm Beach County Tea Party, Craig Andresen with The National Patriot, Leisa Audette of 100% Fed Up, Palm Beach County GOP and many more

8 responses to “Patriots Join Forces to Stand Up For The Man Who Won’t Concede to Corruption – Allen West

  1. Patrick Murphy appears to be Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s missing twin in every way. He certainly is afraid of the recount, maybe he knows something we don’t, yet!

  2. This is about keeping Congressman West out of office because he knows what the Left’s plan is. They are in league with anti-America forces. They are the enemy within. The results of the first audit in the Federal Reserve’s nearly 100 yearhistory were posted on Senator Sander’s webpage in July 2011—MEDIA TOLD TO BLACK OUT STORY linked on Senator Sanders page

    Read more:

  3. Obama could not pass security clearance with his background. How is he President? Who sent him and who sponsored his rise to the top? Why did he & Michelle lose their law licenses early on? How can a man who could not get 3K people to come out for him win the election and with 10 million less voting for him than in 2008?

    Special Ops speak up about all the ways Obama has endangered America & our allies as well as deliberate efforts to hurt our troops.

    Our national security is at stake. Our Special Ops were the ones who paid the price for Obama’s leaks & spiking the football about bin Laden. 29 SEALS were blown up on a Chinook a few months after the 5/2/11 “Osama kill” No body, no pics and fast burial at sea…not Muslim way. It was okay to show Gaddafi being murdered on TV but not Osama photos. IS IT POSSIBLE IT IS BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED and was just a political stunt done to make Obama look like a warrior instead of the wimp that he really is.

  4. Many of us across the US are standing with Allen West. Good job, Allen! Keep up that fight. Sue Flannery

  5. I live in New Jersey but wish I could vote for Allen West! WILL support him financially all I can, and that is hard being on disability. But – would like to say – having a bad right knee after 2 surgeries – I would cut off my left leg, the good one, at the knee, with a dull saw… and NO anesthesia – and I’d do the cutting myself – if I could make Allen West PRESIDENT tomorrow!!!!!!!! These guys are like any enemy… on any battlefield… FIGHT EM TO THE DEATH MR. WEST!!!!!