FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rep. Allen West Supports Israeli Military Strike Against Hamas

(WASHINGTON) — Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released the following statement today upon learning of the Israeli military strike that killed a Hamas military leader:

“I fully support the Israeli military strike that killed the Hamas military wing chief, Ahmed Jabari. Hamas is a known Islamic terrorist organization and clearly states in its charter the aim to destroy the modern day State of Israel.

Mr. Jabari has been responsible for countless rocket and missile attacks originating from Gaza Strip into Southern Israel. I have personally seen the destruction this causes, and visited the City of Sderot where bomb shelters stand on school playgrounds and children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Israeli’s turned over Gaza to the Palestinians in an offer to further the peace process. What they have received in return are more attacks and carnage. I stand with Israel, and as a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, will support supplying the requested resources enabling Israel to defend herself from our common enemy, radical Islamic terrorism. We cannot abandon our best ally in her true time of need. We have no doubt that the new Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt supports Hamas.”


5 responses to “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Rep. Allen West Supports Israeli Military Strike Against Hamas

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  2. This is but one of countless reasons we need Congressman West. He is one of very few who actually knows what is going on with the Global Jihad, and Israel, and is NOT afraid to confront the issues head on. Anyone who knows what is happening supports Israel’s recent strike against Hamas and Isamic Jihad in Palestine. Islamic Jihad in Palestine and Hamas formally united against Israel last month. Israel is the first target on the map in the Global Jihad. She is not the only target, and she is our ally. The entire free world is a target for the Jihadists. We cannot lose West, and this is one of many reasons.