Statement from Allen West for Congress – Preliminary Injunction Request


Stuart, FL – Congressman Allen West, along with eight other named plaintiffs who were early voters in St. Lucie County in Florida, filed a complaint today in Circuit Court in St. Lucie County.  The complaint asks the Court to immediately issue a preliminary injunction ordering Defendant Gertrude Walker, as St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, and Defendant Dan Detzner, as Florida Secretary of State, to convene the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board for the purpose of counting all votes cast in the election for the 18th Congressional District during the early voting period, and ordering Defendants to refrain from certifying results of the election for the 18th Congressional District until all ballots cast during the early voting period have been counted.

The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board met on Sunday, November 11, 2012 for the stated purpose of recounting “all ballots cast during early voting.”  This “refeed” was not conducted pursuant to Florida’s automatic recount statute, but rather as part of the canvassing process.  The Canvassing Board, however, re-fed only ballots cast on three days during the early voting period.  This limited, partial re-feed – not conducted pursuant to any statute – uncovered significant errors in the initial tabulation of votes.  Nearly 1,000 votes disappeared from the count, and neither the Canvassing Board nor the Supervisor provided any explanation for this selective recount.  Despite publicly announcing a hearing for the purposes of re-feeding all early votes, counsel for the Canvassing Board advised publicly that “Tallahassee” recommended counting only those specific three days – all without providing information as to who advised a selective re-feed or the basis for doing so.

It stands to reason that if the remaining early votes were to be recounted, additional errors would be uncovered and the tabulation of votes revised accordingly.  Until these remaining early ballots are recounted, however, the Canvassing Board has arbitrarily applied differing counting standards to similarly situated ballots. The erroneous decision of St. Lucie County to “re-feed” only some of the early votes cast in this election violates the Florida Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection to voters.

In addition, the County has violated both the Florida Open Meeting Law, Florida Sunshine Law and the Florida Constitution by meeting behind closed doors and without providing the required notice to the public.

8 responses to “Statement from Allen West for Congress – Preliminary Injunction Request

  1. Now, if only Someone would start the ball rolling on demanding a recount for the Presidential election. We all Know that was rigged…NO ONE receives ZERO votes from one area…NO ONE. Mr. West, if I lived nearby, I would be more than willing to help in the recounting. Fight the Good Fight and May GOD Bless.

  2. There SHOULD be a re-count. There is a massive defrauding going on in our country today to stop those who LOVE our Country vs. (quite frankly) traitors.

    • Doesn’t Romney need to be the one to start it, though, or can it be someone else political?? Will the outcome of Mr. West’s recount decide whether there will be one for the Presidential vote? There have been Entirely TOO many shady, back room, under cover, “my way or not at all” junk goings on and it needs to be Stopped —Yesterday. I agree with the ‘traitor’ description.

      • We the People must do it. In States that have irregularities, contact your Secretary of State, and raise hell. Everybody let’s remember, we have an Electoral College. So when you voted (unless you had a paper ballot you might not have noticed) you are actually voting for a list of people that will cast the Electoral college.

        Electors chosen on Election Day meet in their respective state capitals (or in the case of Washington, D.C., within the District) on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, at which time they cast their electoral votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President. That means Dec. 17th this year.

        Spread to everyone you know in OH, WI, PA, VA, & FL. Now people need to contact either the individual electors on that ballot (reps for Electoral College) or theirState Secretary of State.

        These electors can ask for recounts. Don’t know where Mittens is, apparently licking wounds? So, WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to get busy. All Mitten’s contact links that I had available are now static.

        It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and I can’t carry a note! ha!

        Get busy troops, if you don’t live in one of these states you can still contact anyone you know and make this message go viral.!!!

  3. I hope there is local news coverage showing the faces of these 2 treasonous defendents. Love you, Colonel West!

  4. Col. West, no matter what the outcome; Move to Oklahoma! ha! We’d be proud to have you represent us here!!!! Donated last night. Respectfully, Joann Balfour