Allen West for Congress – Information on Helping Allen West in Recount Efforts

Anyone who is willing and able to financially assist in recount efforts can send a check made to:


——-> Allen West Recount Fund <——-
PO Box 1108, Stuart, FL 34995.

*Campaign funds cannot be used for the recount.

*Any excess funds will be donated to Veteran’s charities.

12 responses to “Allen West for Congress – Information on Helping Allen West in Recount Efforts

  1. We MUST demand a FULL recount! It is NOT ENOUGH to only have a partial recount. It is too easy for the SOE to omit or manipulate the numbers without FULL RECOUNT. Giving us the 1st 3 days of Early Voting will not be enough. There is absolutely NO REASON why SOE cannot give us FULL RECOUNT with oversight for investigation if her operations are valid and honest. We shouldn’t have gone THIS LONG unless the SOE’s office just needs it due to volume.

  2. Dear Congressman West; Wrote to you yesterday telling you that I was in your district watching the recount. I also asked your attorney if the military votes were counted. We saw boxes stacked up in the back of the warehouse and it doidn’t seem to me that there would be enough time to count them. I wish you all the luck.
    I’ll try to send you some money. Sincerely Shirley Caro

  3. I will be sending you some $. I am not in your state but just love your honest, conservative, tea party values. Is there a way to donate by credit card to reach you quicker than a check?

  4. Looks like there are a lot of folks that agree with us. Of course, some other States now are questioning their voting. There are district and districts where 140 percent of the people have voted – I don’t think that is accurate. And, there are districts in one state that did not a cast a single vote for Romney, and there 19,000+ votes cast. The mathematical probability is very unlikely. Now, I can see 300-400 votes to a single candidate in a district or two, but not out of 19,000 votes – crooked up and down. One problem was Cleveland, I don’t recall the other – probably high union areas would be my guess. You and we need to hang in there. Dig your feet in – most people will not do this, but most people do not know what that means in the long run. I know it will be hard on you – “just sour grapes” – it is not important – we all need to do the “right” thing and I will be looking and probably know some of those “right” kind of people. Hang tough. All Hell is breaking loose.

  5. Dear Colonel West,

    I too have had a very hard year. I’m 53 years old and have never been unemployed until this year, have never been late on any payments until this year, have never defaulted on any thing until this year. I’m currently losing my home. I’m not asking for money or help. I writing you to ask if you need my help. You are one of the VERY few representatives I have any respect for and I have a mountain of respect for you. I am deeply saddened by this election and I really want to be a part of your fight to get to the bottom of this enormouse fraud that has taken place in our state and our country. Please contact me if you think there is anything I can do to help you. I have plenty of time on my hands.

    Your friend,
    Ron Swift

  6. I was out of the country last week on vacation. We met and spoke with several people from all over the US. All of them we talked to voted for Romney. How is it that over 70% of people I ask voted for Romney but Obama won the election?

  7. criminal election fraud by the ACORN splinter groups have destroyed the election process, as evidenced by the reported irregularities in both 2008, and 2012 election frauds. The swing states were extremely defrauded, barack hussain muhammad obama is not our president, actively destroying our nation, committing treason continually—a puppet of the world class mafia who see our nation in the way for their one world government, turns people against one another, trying to create civil war, a criminal ruling america by executive order, dismantling our military telling the enemy our plans. defunding our defense indusry who provide the free world with military equipment to defuse the threats from tyrannical starving nations wanting to take america for the 1/3 of the worlds food supply we produce

    • You are 100% right on target..or should I say 158% ?? lol. Unfortunately it’s not a laughing matter but if I don’t laugh I will burst into tears from frustration and sadness on what has happened to our great country. I try to tell my friends and family about what’s going on and they don’t get it, hopefully enough people do or will soon before it is too late. Best to you Allen West, I pray for you and our Country!

  8. Can you take PayPal? for Recount. I want to contribute but fear it won’t get there in time.

    • As the Congressman continues to fight this fight it will all be received in time to be used accordingly. As of this time they do not have anything set up to receive electronic funds. The site is set up as Congressional and therefore anything that goes there he cannot use for the recount. Thank you so very much for considering. If you need further information on how to address it please let us know.