Statement: Allen West for Congress “We will not allow a Democrat Supervisor of Elections to steal this election”

Dear Patriot,

There has been a lot of misinformation out there about the state of the race, and not surprisingly the local press is dutifully parroting the talking points coming out of Patrick Murphy’s campaign proclaiming the race decided, so here’s the truth: this race remains far from decided.

Today the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, after promising to recount all early votes, counted only ballots from the last three days of early voting, netting Allen West over 500 votes.  The problem is those aren’t the first three days of early voting—the days the Supervisor of Elections originally said were compromised by faulty data cards in the machines.

We will continue to fight for a recount of all early votes.  In addition, we will ensure that the public is able to view the poll book sign-ins to ensure the number of early votes cast match the numbers of voters who checked-in to vote.

Nothing coming out of Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker’s office adds up, stories are constantly changing, and the hostile attitude of the Supervisor is disturbing.  What originally looked like dangerous incompetence is looking more and more like a willful attempt to steal an election.

We will not allow a Democrat Supervisor of Elections to steal this election.  We will pursue every legal means available to ensure a fair an accurate election.

I know you have stood with Allen every step of the way for the past four years and I know you will continue to stand with us as we fight liberal efforts to steal this election.  Your efforts in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County protecting the integrity of the election have been tremendous these past few days.

Tim Edson
Campaign Manager

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  1. Col West, you have very dedicated people behind you from all over this great land. Personally, I will be on “call” awaiting orders. I’m there if you need me.

  2. A better way to put it….YOU have always had our backs, NOW we have yours! ……standing at attention saluting!

    • Amen to that! What I at first had characterized as some potential “irregularities” in the ballots in St Lucie Co (giving them the benefit of the doubt) has now taken on a far more sinister turn. It was Reagan I believe, who said, “Trust, but verify.” This Dem Election Supervisor appears to be going out of her way to do anything but act in a forthright & honorable manner, which does nothing whatsoever to inspire anyone’s trust in her ability to do the job for which she was ostensibly elected. Why does it seem to always be those on the Left/Dems who are deceitful & duplicitous? It appears nothing they say or do can be trusted. What does that say in regard to their ability to govern others or hold positions of power? They do nothing to inspire my faith in them at all.

    • Yes, Bren–but even the Judiciary in some instances are more inclined to rule as their personal ideology or biases dictate, rather than following the letter of the law & as guided by our nation’s Constitutional Principles. West’s campaign fortunately has drawn enough public attention that hopefully, all involved will realize that their every action is being scrutinized, thus ensuring that even Leftist activists officials will realize they are not operating under the radar & will act appropriately. What kind of nation has this become when we even have to take such things into consideration? I’m not sure I even want to know the answer to that . . .

    • I’m glad people are keeping us apprised of all details & updates. You are part of the citizen brigade that is working so assiduously to keep these officials honest, when, as it appears, they are not inclined to do so of their own volition. God Bless you!

      • There is an ever growing body of evidence of nationwide fraud by the left that may have effected other races including the Presidential race. The silence on the right indicates to me they have been corrupting the system themselves for many year and can’t reveal this fraud without exposing their fraud. Allen West has not been a traditional Republican and is reportedly hated by GOP insiders so it doesn’t surprise me they haven’t come to his defense nor does it surprise me he is the only one willing to fight. The fact that he’s fighting the crook on the left side of the aisle is a further indication he has not been bought by the crooks on the right side of the aisle.

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    What a great leader and a Constitutionalists Conservative. This is the man we need in our party as a front runner and would love to see him and Rep. Bachmann side by side on a ticket with Mr West as a Presidential Candidate. Man what a dream team!

  4. Col. West is a brave man and is the only one standing up to the biggest election theft in American history. It was not just his race. This happened in all the swing states plus other states. Romney won but the GOP is doing nothing. The conservative pundits and media hide or demean. Stay strong Col. West. Never give up.

    • I wish MORE candidates had the guts and Sense to fight this fight. ALL Republicans KNOW the counts were OFF and rigged and there was cheating going on. Why else would Obama have made that statement that was caught with the live mike about having more flexibility after the election??? He KNEW.

      • Obama also did not even prep for the debates. His campaign was a joke. They knew they would flood the precincts and have corrupt polling people.

        Right after the election the corrupt media, Fox is not our friend either, blames Romney’s campaign software?!? When will the GOP and conservative pundits speak up? Forget anyone on Fox. The other networks are light years worse. The media, including Drudge, Savage, Hannity et al, jump on the Petraus story to hide the biggest election theft in history.

        Keep fighting Colonel West. The troops wasting away in Afghanistan and all good people support you. God bless you.

      • Great Comments! Quite an eye opener. What can we do. I am also a Patriot. Still recovering from this election fraud. It really took me down.

    • Jake: Spot on. The problem with the GOP is we are not cohesive & do not present a united front, as do those on the Left; we tend to go off into our little “splinter groups”–Constitutional Conservatives, Establishment GOP, Libertarians, the Cult of Nor Luap, etc & we refuse to stand together on important issues, such as this. As a result, we are ceding the battlefield to the Left, while they incrementally undermine & destroy every vestige of the qualities that have made America exceptional. We should not be so willing to give up without a fight.

    • middleagedhousewife: God Bless you for your fine efforts in keeping this issue out in the eyes & ears of the public! It’s perhaps the only way to ensure that these Leftist officials are forced to do their jobs, rather than continue to deliberately corrupt our Electoral System.

      • It’s a sinking feeling that I have that there was a lot more voter fraud in this election than will ever be brought to light. Most Conservatives have too much class than to build an entire party platform around taking down a party that they feel stoled an election from them. The way the Democrats have since the 2000 election. But where it can be exposed it should be. It won’t make any difference in the overall out come of this election, but we need to do everything we can to point out the lack of credibility of the Democratic agenda.

  5. Keep praying Col. West wins this one. I can’t help but think there was alot of voter fraud throughout the Country. Not only that there are thousands who want to be C
    ontrolled, Regulated & Dependent on Big Gov’t. They won’t have to pay the higher taxes as it will come from those who work.

    • Joanne: The Left has successfully created a new type of govt–we now have an INEPTOCRACY~ A system of govt where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, & where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods & services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. Sad, isn’t it? Our Founders are no doubt weeping at the demise of our (formerly) great nation.

  6. A small donation is all I can do from Michigan, but hope it helps in some way. And know that if it is a fight they want it’s a fight they will get. They stole more than just this race. Many lost across the country but no one has the guts and determination to fight like you are doing Col. West.

    • Angeline Smith: God Bless you for your efforts! I too will try to send what I can when I get paid as well. I believe this is a cause worth fighting for–we cannot continue to allow the Left to emerge victorious, especially when they are only gaining ground as a result of deception, corruption & fraud!

  7. Obama might have stole the last one too. Remember the MIT guys said about the voting machines. Then there was the “default” machines that registered only Obama. You are absolutely right – this stinks. Nobody goes to Obama’s rallies, but 30,000 people come out for Romney. Even if you add Hispanics, Blacks, Homosexuals, and all the various minority groups, it does not add up. Even some of those minorities were having trouble with him. Generally, Hispanics are Christians, they would probably not vote for anybody supporting abortion and even many of the Black people feel the same way – not to mention the homosexual issue. You can’t be a Christian and vote Obama. We can’t afford him as he is heading up right into war by trying to pursue Peace. Stupid man. No naïve. The Black Muslim Brotherhood would cut off his head in a heartbeat – they have no value towards human life. I am inclined to believe what Israel is saying – it was a “botched” kidnapping. They were only suppose to hold the embassador hostage, and then release him 2 days before the election so he could impress us with his great foreign policy. But as Israel said, they bit the hand that fed him, plus the military was suppose to “stand down.” We don’t “stand down,” we or the military would die first – for Freedom and for this Country. Obama hates this Country – wants to be Communist dictator or World King – something like that. He needs to be impeached and removed from office for failure to preform his duties and perhaps, even treason. I have been making a ruckus for some time about him. He is not a mentally healthy man. Anybody that craves power to the extent that he does, and wills away the rights of the citizens, the legislative branch, the Supreme Court and the State’s rights needs to go down – now before a war with Iran or China. Is he going to honor the treaty we have with Japan? China is getting pretty bold as are the Iranians. I am really sorry to say this, but I hope that Israel will do the “right” thing if that time comes.

    • kansascase: Obama, IMHO is a malignant narcissist with shades of megalomaniacal tendencies; the various scandals that we have seen (all conveniently ignored by the Soros Sock Puppet, lap dog media minions) are only the manifestations of the sheer incompetence, abysmally stupid advisers, & the corruption that infests all within this admin. Most involved with Obama’s admin know nothing of administrating or governing–they are only familiar with “community organizing”, which involves agitating chaos, promoting anarchy & encouraging animosity & class warfare.

    • Zaine: As do all in my family!! This nation desperately needs strong, courageous & Principled Conservatives right now to reach those capable of responding to the Ideals on which our nation was premised.

  8. You should consider contacting Sarah Palin. She’s the only power who will back you. The establishment GOP sold you out. The Democrats are selling you out, too. Oh look! Something that happened to her, too!

    • Corruption_Sucks: Absolutely right. The Establishment GOP did throw Sarah under the bus; they were willing to sacrifice her, rather than stand on principle. When the media excoriated Sarah & attacked her on all sorts of specious allegations & idiotic claims, very few came to her defense, for fear of being publicly humiliated by the media for doing so. Rather they just stood silently by & allowed a decent, honorable Patriotic woman to be publicly scorned & largely discredited.

  9. well we are in for a fight now, marxists like bathhouse barry dont leave peacefully. We have to keep screaming about scytl and voter fraud. I hope allen west will make this his top priority in coming years or else Republic will not be restored peacefully

  10. Continue the fight for truth and justice. Apparently there are not enough patriots and real men and women in the Republican party to ban together and fight many of the very close suspicious election results. Too many of our party leaders have retreated turned coat and ran away licking their wounds. The whole election results remain questionable……………..If Romney would have won there would have been many recounts, lawsuits and protest and worst.

    • Exactly Odalys. Obama is just like Chavez and Castro. It is Cloward Piven to overwhelm the system. We had flash or mob voting to overwhelm precincts. Where is the GOP? Where are people like Rush or Beck? Keep fighting Col. West. Do not give up.

  11. Col west we need you as the RNC Chair. You would fight voter fraud around the nation. And not sit back and watch.

  12. Please fight this all the way. The country wanted you and Mitt , Scott Brown too just to name a few. The dems stole it from the American people with fraud and now we have to stand up on all corners of our great nation to tell the world we will not go down without a fight. Bless you~

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  14. Col. West don’t give up this fight. I think a lot of voter fraud went on in this election and it is sooo wrong. Don’t let them steal this election from you! God save our country.

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