Rep. Allen West “I Will Not Let You Down”

Congressman Allen West posted a message on his Facebook Page this morning.


God bless and thanks to all of you here in the Treasure Coast and across America who have joined with us in the fight to protect and preserve the American democratic electoral process. Your efforts and voices are being heard and you have all become guardians of America’s honor. A special hat tip and a hearty steadfast and loyal. I will not let you down.

7 responses to “Rep. Allen West “I Will Not Let You Down”

  1. Dear Allen,  I was there when they counted the ballots, that was on Thursday and I was told that the ballots would be counted until the following day, on Friday at 3P.M.   What I kept asking,  Susan and your attorney  were the military ballets counted.  I coulndn’t imagine a military man not voting for you.  The boxes of ballets were way in the back, stacked one on top of the other.  We left at about 4P.M. so I really dont know what happened after that.  I hope aand pray for you.  Sincerely,  Shirley Caro