Allen West for Congress – Actions of St. Lucie County SOE Result in More Questions than Answers

Stuart, FL – Today West for Congress released the following statement in response to today’s questionable conduct by St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker and the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board:

“We are after the truth of what votes were cast by voters in St. Lucie County, and the conduct of the canvassing board today casts doubt on their reported numbers.

The St. Lucie Canvassing Board’s abrupt action today was reached entirely without explanation or justification.  The Campaign was informed on Saturday afternoon, while the Board met in an apparently private and unannounced session, that a decision was reached to recount all ballots cast during early voting.  There was absolutely no explanation of what events or evidence before the Board triggered this voluntary recount. The Supervisor’s website still includes its last-minute public notice of a full recount of early votes:  


That is not what happened today.  Again without any warning or notice, the Board announced this morning that it would count only the early votes cast on Nov. 1, 2, and 3.  The explanation given at this point was that the four data cards in use on those three days of early voting did not upload properly on Election Night.  However, the Supervisor and the Board said on Election Night and at Thursday’s canvassing board meeting that the four “compromised” data cards were actually taken from vote counting machines in use during the first three days of early voting.  By the close of today’s meeting, the Board again changed its position to explain that the decision to recount only early vote ballots cast on Nov. 1, 2, and 3 was at the direction of “Tallahassee.”

Adding to this confusion is the Supervisor and Canvassing Board’s continued refusal to produce any means of verifying their count. The records of poll book data for early voting requested of the Supervisor and the Board would allow anyone to match the number of votes and number of voters.  The candidates and the public have no way of knowing that the number of persons who voted in this election is equal to the number of ballots counted.  The critical information contained in early voting poll book records is as necessary to certification of results as it is simple to produce. The Supervisor and the Board continue their attempts to hide the facts and after today’s events, their conduct and inconsistent behavior cast even more doubt on the St. Lucie County’s election returns.”



12 responses to “Allen West for Congress – Actions of St. Lucie County SOE Result in More Questions than Answers

  1. Internet explorer hasa had to shut down in order to protect your computer…I do not know if this will work.
    All kinds of pop up advertising happening.

      • I did not think it was from your site…seems like when I go to political sites it happens…clear this time.

        I will clear history now…thank you.

        I have been following your day and am disappointed that it was not more decisive in your favor!

        We have problems all over the country. You are standing up for all of us! Thank You

  2. Keep fighting the good fight, my brother from another mother! Sounds like court action is going to be required to keep the Democrats from trying to steal yet another election. God bless you!

  3. Florida forgot what the Supreme Court said about equal protection of the vote in 2000. They cherry picked the votes & counties to screw Allen West over. We the people DO NOT ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS. We have no confidence in our inserted President. He in ineligible & guilty of allowing voter fraud. He financed a stolen election. He is backed by the Communist Party as per them, Chavez, the Muslim Brotherhood & forces that want America to be destroyed. Call your reps & senators and demand that Congress follow the letter of impeachment & formal charges of treason already filed. We the people declare we have no confidence in this “President” & that he be made to resign immediately. Our military was blocked from voting. Obama did not mail out the ballots due to budget cut backs as per General Boykin on Beck’s show 11/6/12. Demand a recount or a removal. Our elections are rigged. CBS put up the results of the election weeks before the election happened! See Daily Caller site before King Obama takes it down. God bless Allen West, Romney/Ryan & America! Let’s roll patriots…

  4. I think everyone that voted for Mr. West should converge on where ever the place of authority is and like the Occupy movement, which was applauded by our dear leader, should camp out in protest of this obvious attempt to keep the people from verifying the vote. These ballots are public records and as such are the property of the people. DO NOT let them get away with this!! No matter the ultimate outcome there are enough irregularities that a full recount should be held IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  5. It is very apparent that there is underhanded dealings going on. Mr. West, you NEED to take this to court, and you need to make sure that criminal charges are filed against the perpetrators of this fraud.

    THIS is why Americans are getting 4 more years of a failed president that should never have been elected in the first place! Yet we continue to just let it happen, election after election. It’s time to take a stand, and you are the only one who can right now.

    Barrack Obama is out of control and thinks he was elected king. We need you and others like you to show him that he’s not only wrong, he’s dead wrong.

  6. As per one of my contacts, the voting machines were rigged 2 years ago. Obama knew he would win. Petraeus found out and the FBI found out that Petraeus knew. The FBI contacted Obama. Obama had an ace in the hole; the affair Petraeus had. Petraeus resigned. Now Hilary is reportedly scheduled to travel to Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia while the hearing on Benghazi will take place. THE CONGRESS MUST NULLIFY THIS ELECTION & DECLARE NO CONFIDENCE IN THE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY OF STATE OR HIS CABINET.

  7. This information is in the US Library of Congress. They know who Obama is. They need us to inform others. It has also been on major websites & papers. People who actually read papers or listen to uncensored news, knew that Obama could not stay in office. That is why Obama appeals to the most uneducated, racist and uninformed among us. Voting for someone’s skin color & not their character is what Dr. King preached against. Washington Examiner article on Obama’s seedy past, associates & the Chicago style politics that put him in office.