St. Lucie Issues Decision to Recount Votes EARLIER – Sunday 7:00AM

Stuart, FL – Today West for Congress released the following statement regarding the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections’ decision to recount early votes:

“Tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., the St Lucie County Supervisor of Elections will recount all early votes cast in St. Lucie County. West for Congress is pleased with the Supervisor’s decision, as the counting of early votes on Election Night was of great concern to our campaign, given the large shift that occurred at midnight of nearly 4,000 votes.

This decision should help shed light on the situation of this election. This is the action we were seeking to ensure the results of this election were fair and accurate.

While we still look forward to reviewing the poll books used to check in voters during early voting and Election Day, this recount goes a long way to ensuring an accurate outcome.”

ADDRESS: 4132 Okeechobee Rd  Fort Pierce, Florida 34947



40 responses to “St. Lucie Issues Decision to Recount Votes EARLIER – Sunday 7:00AM

  1. Do you know how long this will go on? I can’t be there at 7 am, but if it’s still going all day and night I can be there later. If this is a several day event, we can help plan shifts. I’m definitely interested. Please Email me at

    Question: If fraudulent Dem ballots are rejected, does that new count change the Presidential vote tally, too… or is the recount just this office?

      • I plan to be there but I don’t want to drive for over anhour and no one be there. The Highlited note from the Elcetion Supeervisopr office is confusing. Please verify the date and time for me to show up. Thanks

      • You would do best to probably stay at home. It appears they have quite a few folks going and although it is entirely up to you to go or not, your simple consideration in this is very much appreciated. Thank you

    • I will help recount the votes…we need to end this voting fraud..I am in complete support of you Mr. West…and thanks for your service, you are a true leader!!!

    • I think if This recount shows Fraudulent voting, then YES, the votes for the President SHOULD be recounted…Very Much So, YES.

      • We need to have a total recount. The election was stolen specifically in the key swing states and a few others. The evidence is there with videos, eyewitnesses, photos, statistics. Why is the GOP and the conservative pundits silent? We need to stand behind Col. West all the way. Never let up.

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  3. Hope those of you closer to Ft. Pierce can get there; it’s important to show up! We went last nite to Palm Beach. LEt’s election folk know that what they’re doing is being watched carefully.

  4. If Alan had been running for President he would have received my vote. There is wide spread cheating in this eledtion and those doing it don’t realize that God is going to reveal EVERYTHING on Judgment Day. May He grant the people of Florida honest elections. God bless you Congressman West. I love you along with a million more.

  5. I know that you will win when the re-counting is done this time. Am in residing in Mexico as I think that the USA is going down the tubes with this re-election. I wish you God’s speed to keep our Country moving upward and following the Constitution,
    not being run by czars.

  6. The highlited notes from the Elcetion Supervisor is confusing . I plan to be there Sunday morning but I don’t want to drive for over an hour to arrive and no one be there please confirm this is Sunday the 11th at 7:00am

  7. Congressman West, we are sill donating cash to your campaign website. Sure all of this will be expensive. You are true Patriot, and Nationwide, you have an army of Patriots wanting to help. I would encourage those too far to drive (OK for me)
    make a donation. Even little amounts add up if a lot of us do it. God Speed, Col West.

  8. For a recount in Orange County FL, we’re planning 14 Observers. About 6 or 7 have volunteered so far. West still needs more Observers!

    As a poll watcher, I observed people being bused in from out of state and out of county. West campaign needs to double check all voters who changed addresses during the elections. If they double voted or are not true residents, they’re going to jail. FL laws must be changed to prevent this abuse.

    If more people don’t sign up, I’ll drive the three hours from N. Orlando.

  9. Melbourne here, can make arrangements for Monday if it continues…maybe later tomorrow. Let me know.

    I have watched this before and the favorite thing they did was only count to eight or nine and then stop and talk followed by setting the pile aside as a 10! When they picked up the piles of 100 from the counting site…it was too late and another count would have to be ordered.

    Watch very carefully!

  10. I haven’t started to get back online. Hubby and I have been trying to make take some money from the Democrats. Honestly, neither he or I believe the Election results. I hate to say this, but it looks like he has his Communist personnel in their places. I heard that the EPA were working like the KGB. No matter how many Hispanics voted for him, I seriously question if there were enough. Generally, they are a Christian group, and you really can’t support this President if you are – so I have also been told. His “regulations” have already started to be put in place. You know when I created my T-shirts for the Veterans and the “Freedom!”, I gave 10 percent to either VFW or the Heritage Foundation. Well, Ebay went through and deleted all my ads that had indicated I was sending funds from the sale of my goods to these organizations. I got a letter from Ebay Trust and Security that these 2 organizations requested them to pull the ads as they may not want to be associated with the sales. Let me see – the one for the Vets went to the VFW and the one for the Freedom shirt went to the Heritage Foundation. VFW is about vets and the Heritage Foundation is all about Freedom. I sent off an email to both of these groups as I don’t believe that they were behind it unless they were required to do so. So, Ebay is trying to “make good” with the Obama camp or there has been some new regulations. Do you really think that these groups would turn down money? No, doubt, Obama wants that money. They said that I could choose a different charity – okay – that means then it is specially against certain types of organizations. I went looking for a Christian charity – didn’t have a lot of luck – all that I found did not meet BBB criteria, but there were many Muslim groups. I am even thinking about joining the ACLU – something I would never do, but I think they are right of Obama. They actually told Obama to “cool it” – no more actions against freedoms and amendments. Can you imagine that.

    I am so sorry for what you have been through with this election. Whatever he did was just plain wrong and he won’t get by with it. I know he basically told all the Hispanics they could vote as they would not be questioned and he replaced 50 some Commanders that were Republicans by Hispanics. That is so wrong. I thought, when I heard that he was playing basketball on the day of his election that he knew he had it in the bag. Sure reminds me of Communism. They all voted but it didn’t matter, the result was always the same. I do feel bad for you and even worse for Romney and Ryan. They worked so hard for this, and Obama did so little and did so much damage. There was no reason for the UN to be involved. I suspect they were the ones that “fixed” the election. However, it is not over yet. One battle does not win a war. You were a serious threat to him – just because you spoke the Truth. Well, as my Dad knows, I cannot be controlled, but never neither could he so we did have some conflicts. He could not do it and this man will not do it. There are always a way around things. Even in the private sector, if there was a bad boss that folks didn’t respect, that boss didn’t get very far with anything and/or their employees had a way of making them look bad, or didn’t get things done in time – wouldn’t cooperate, etc. He has a HARD Road ahead. He may have won the Election – maybe – , but will not have the support he needs. He will be firing a lot of folks, and they will start talking and things will corrode very fast. There are what, 230 million of us … when he puts out the new tax schedule, it won’t be much longer when those that are working are going to get very ticked about how little they bring home compared to those that do nothing and get the same pay. ACLU may get involved before this is over.

    You know that this is not going to work. Is he really going to start gunning down 20,000 people in this Country? What do you think Americans, Veterans, etc. are going to do? We will fight a Second Revolution if we have to. But, that will probably not happen because of either Iran or China – they are getting a bit bolder and will become more so as they see this “weak” President. Is this President not going to make good on our treaty with Japan? What in God’s name is he doing in Burma anyway? We need to install a chip in this guy. He thinks he can make Peace all over the World. Now, that is Naïve – he, apparently never grew out of that stage? You think like that when you young 17 or so. Or, does he stand for nothing? If you stand for something, you will fight – even if it is only a debate. He does stand for something and he will have to fight to achieve it. Do you really think that all active duty personnel are going to go along with it? Do you think our military is really going to gun down thousands of citizens. I think not. The military is already starting to fight him. All Americans needs is a common enemy – I think we have that – it is just some folks don’t know it yet. No doubt there would be some military that would gun down Americans, but there will be a lot of Americans with guns too. I cannot abide by all the regulations he has put in place and I doubt anybody can, which means that he can put anybody in jail that he wants for some reason or another. But, like I said, there are a lot of us – he can’t catch us all and you know some States are going to stall some actions and maybe not ever do them at all. We are an independent breed and won’t tolerate being bound – that only works in countries where human life does not have value.

    Things have a way of working out – Life has taught me that. No matter how the votes were cast, you will be in Congress or the Senate – may just take a little longer. And, there will be a Power Change – just not when I expected it. I do hope Israel is watching him closely. I won’t give up on the Veterans. In fact, I would like to know what kinds of things they can’t purchase in the commissary. I will carry them myself and make sure the prices are reasonable for them. I hope I can find that information online. And, I will start walking along another path as well – try to court the Churches and specifically the Christians – God & Country – the last thing Obama wants – but is the most important to me. Like I have told you before, “can’t” is not in my character. I may have to write a new language, but I am pretty good at that. I have always loved cryptograms where one letter stands for a different letter, etc. People with strong language skills can break them usually, but not the average guy. And, encrypted messages have been a part of every conflict as far as a know. And, even quilts, and knitting was used to send messages. There are a lot of options – particularly since this guy is really not an American. But, we all got to come together. Billy Graham is hosting a nationwide Crusade next year. There will be people in every State. Although he is 95, he believes that the Father will keep him alive for this. He is probably right. I need to find a method of communications that is not easy or impossible to crack. I wonder if somebody has created one yet. These computers, with all our information, are a wealth of data for anybody. Will have to do some research within MIT.

    You know I wish you well and hope you are not too disappointed. You will always have my vote – LOL. Kerry

  11. We have to support Col. West all the way on this. Maybe this will sour the GOP, Romney, Rush and others to wake up and fight against this election fraud. Forget the news, TV or even Fox. They are with Obama. Never give up.

  12. Congressman West, I and many many out here in Flyover country are heartened by the fact that you are standing up and fighting what is very likely voter fraud. Wish other’s had your fortitude around the country. Hope you are successful in your fight.