Allen West for Congress released this statement regarding the state of the race in Florida’s 18th District

November 10, 2012
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Race for Florida’s 18th Congressional District Remains Undecided Stuart, FL – Today West for Congress released the following statement regarding the state of the race in Florida’s 18th Congressional District:“With all provisional and absentee votes counted in the 18th District, Congressman West currently trails by roughly 2,400 votes, a margin outside of the threshold for an automatic recount. The race remains undecided because there are issues that still need to be resolved in St. Lucie County.  Late on Election Night, Congressman West led by 1,700 votes. Following the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections’ decision to recount thousands of early ballots after a technical glitch, the margin shifted by 4,000. In order to ensure that votes were not doubled counted, we have requested that the St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections make public the poll check-in books to ensure the numbers of ballots cast matches the numbers of voters checked-in at the polls. Once that information is provided we believe the outcome of the election will be clear.  It is troubling that days later that information is still not available.  Our sole focus is ensuring all ballots were counted fairly and accurately.”


32 responses to “Allen West for Congress released this statement regarding the state of the race in Florida’s 18th District

  1. If it happened here, you can best believe it has happened everywhere. I’m convinced more than ever that Obama won this election by fraudulent means! My hope is that the Colonel’s brave fight will make others think and look at their statement of votes! Thank you Colonel West for doing the brave thing. Thank you for being an example of someone who fights for truth and justice!! May God bless you and keep you safe!

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  3. This is bigger than voter fraud. This is election fraud in my opinion. Clear and present election fraud and I am shocked that Florida is the only one fighting it.

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  5. Of course there is fraud that is the only way that obozo got back in. We are looking at one county in one state all the close races should have been recounted including the presidential one.

  6. Sure looks suspicious…..Seems amazing that the total votes regarding your seat exceed 100% (in many cases 130% to 150%) of the registered voters in every district or area , while the total votes for other candidates range in the 40%-60% of the registered voters. Very strange……….

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  8. I sorry…. But if THOSE PEOPLE down there don’t know how to handle OR operate a voting machine, then maybe they should be handing out paper ballots and pencils! All they then have to do is draw a straight line. But they are probably so ignorant , they can’t even do that. And YES, it looks to me like voting fraud. How come no one can legally look into this? This ummm…… was not even born here. I believe the first story I heard, which was from his Grandmother who said she was there at the hospital in Kenya when both he and his sister were born(in Kenya).

  9. What we need to do is become involved SERIOUSLY and with DETERMINATION with TRUETHEVOTE.COM. Obviously, the liberals are not interested in preventing voter and election fraud, but we must be committed!! Sign up today to assist us in weeding out the corruption starting now!

  10. As much as I think there was massive voter fraud in this election causing loss of the presidency, several senators and many house seats people are not reading the above properly. The # of cards obviously is something different than the # of votes cast. If you follow the link given above and simply look a few pages down you’ll see that they list the same counties with the same # of registered voters and then give the # of votes cast, not the number of cards. None of these numbers exceed 100%. I don’t know what cards are but they aren’t votes. Sorry.

  11. It should be noted that although there were more CARDS cast in the county, the number of votes COUNTED was 68% of registered voters, actually lower than expected.

  12. As a Floridian I question the count for Allen west. He is an outstanding politician and also deserving of a recount. We want a fair and honest election and do not want any hint of wrong doing or mistakes.

  13. Please keep up the fight. We can’t let these crooks get away with this! I want every state to recheck! Too many stories of folks voting multiple times, dead folks voting, malfunctioning voting machines, unregistered voters being allowed to vote, military voter ballots disappearing….ENOUGH! THIS IS SUCH BS! I demand truth, honesty and integrity from my fellow citizens and those responsible for ensuring 100% accuracy in our voting processes!

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  18. Allan West, when you dig a hole for some one else always remember to dig one for yourself, do not forget that. You all did everything you could you could think to do to suppression the vote, to keep blacks latinos from voting, guess what it did not work. They voted your people got tired and got out line. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • First of all its Allen! Second, The Democrats and Liberals are the only ones to suppress those voters. Third, the only way the Democrats could win is by fraud and cheating. Fourth, this is not Allen West’s website. Try dishing your trash somewhere else because this is the only post you will get here Barbara. You tried on Twitter too. The hole digging will be yours with the current Oval Office Occupier. Did you NOT SEE THE MASSIVE LAYOFFS THIS WEEK???? Explain that one? Obama promised you a rose garden and like the rest of the sheeple you will go down with his socialist sinking ship. Good Day – Admin