Rep. Allen West “Where We Stand”

First and foremost, I want to thank you for all that you have done throughout the campaign. Your support has been truly incredible. I’m writing to give you an update on where things stand.

Our race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome. Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance. There are still thousands of absentee ballots to be counted in Palm Beach County and military and provisional ballots across the district. Given the numerous reports of irregularities at the polls and the chaos surrounding the counting of ballots, it is important that we carefully evaluate the results and investigate the irregularities.

I know how hard you have worked for our campaign and I am grateful to have you standing shoulder to shoulder with me. I want you to know that we will fight to ensure every ballot is counted just as we will continue to fight to ensure our Republic remains exceptional and the future of our children and grandchildren is bright. For 22 years I stood as a watchman on the wall to guard America’s honor, liberty, freedom, and democracy.  Now I will continue my oath of service to guard the integrity of our electoral process.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West

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  1. Thank you Colonel West! I appreciate that you are standing strong for the integrity of the system. I look forward to a positive outcome.

  2. Sir, I had the honor of meeting you at the Tea Party Forum at the National Press Club 2 years ago. You told me if I were to run for office that I had your support because we needed more veterans involved in Congress. I just wanted to say your support means a lot to me, and that I am still looking at making that move to run. I am praying for you here in Virginia, and just know you will win!!! Blessings to you and your family Colonel!

  3. Thank you, Colonel West! We are trusting the integrity of our system to men of integrity like yourself.

  4. I am hoping for an outcome that favors you. However, if in the end you dont’ receive the office again, I am quite sure that you will use your God-given talents and abilities for good. I live in Ohio but am still grateful to you for what you have done for our country, not only in the military but while in Florida. May God continue to bless you in all your efforts.

  5. Do Not Back Down! We NEED You in Congress, We have enough spineless individuals Speaker Boehner ( Allegedly ) being one of them. Sir, Like you I spent 20 Years Defending this Great Nation, And I’m proud to say I still do, Honor,Integrity, Duty, Commitment, All mean something to those of us who took the oath to Defend her against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic!! God Bless you, and Hold The Line Sir!

    Craig Dawson SFC,USA Ret.

    • Thank You and Allen West for your service for this great country (which is right now on the way to be “fundamentally transformed”). You are right, we need Allen West in Congress (I would even say, we would need him in the White House as our first Black President – Obama doesn’t count, he’s neither black nor a real President). You are also right in regard to John Boehner being a spineless individual. He has to go! I’m very disappointed about this man! First he went against Michele Bachmann for questioning Huma Abedin. Yesterday, instead of telling Obama, that the House has a plan for getting back on track and that the House is willing to work with him, the doors are open, Obama just need to come and to talk, he kissed Obama’s butt and said, that this is his moment and that we (the House) are ready to be led and today he said “Obamacare is law of the land” and there will be no more attempts to repeal it. The House must defund it and prepare a better solution and then work on replacing Obamacare. I’m pretty sure that Boehner is not unhappy when Allen West loses his seat, because Allen West is a leader who is working for the American people not against them. Could be dangerous for Boehner.

  6. Praying for you. Whatever the outcome, your country will always appreciate your service and need it in the future, hopefully in the White House one day. You are an honorable and admirable man.

  7. Steadfast and Loyal. Now’s a good time to be and do exactly that, Sir. Standing with you to see the last vote counted… and properly attributed.

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  10. God bless your efforts and thank you for your service. You are an inspiration to us all. From a USNA Midshipman’s mom. Pray for my son who will serve our nation under the current president