Rep. Allen West “Something doesn’t smell right about General Carter Ham”

by Allen West on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 2:37pm

Major General Carter F. Ham, US Army, Commandi...

“I knew General Carter Ham from my active duty service in the Army and have interacted with him as a member of the House Armed Services Committee. General Ham possesses an impeccable reputation built upon an exceptional character, integrity beyond reproach, and a keen warrior ethos. It is absolutely astonishing to me that all of a sudden General Ham was removed from AFRICOM Command and is now retiring. There is something horribly amiss here and Americans should demand an explanation from the Commander-in-Chief as to why a major Combatant Commander has been removed from command early and is now retiring. If President Obama is not forthcoming with a complete explanation on this matter, the Benghazi terrorist attack incident, and why Major Nidal Hasan’s actions are classified as workplace violence…on November 6, 2012 the American people should relieve President Obama of HIS command and retire him to Chicago, Hawaii, or wherever.” – Rep. Allen West via Facebook 

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20 responses to “Rep. Allen West “Something doesn’t smell right about General Carter Ham”

  1. Am I only the only one that has noticed General Ham has all vanished into thin air? What have they done with him?

  2. rep. West, THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GOOD WORK AND INTELLIGENCE, I have admired your political courage for some time,but this time you have misspoken….YES barry SHOULD be fired-retired but the only suitable destination for him is Benghazi or Indonesia or Central Brazil…..and as soon as possible……..STRAIGHT TO HELL……….. BTW…I can be followed on Twitter.@dukedestefano

  3. I just guessing that you know pretty well why the General is retiring. The General was not going to stand by while Tyrone Woods and Greg Doherty former Navy Seals acted alone to protect the Ambassador while the Oboma’s personal Secretary Leon Ponetta, decided lets just watch them get killed. The General and Admiral Gaouette were getting the same distress calls as the president while he watched this unfold in his situation room. The General and the Admiral were taking matters into their own hands. against the Usurper from Indonesia who happens to command our military for now.

  4. Wasn’t General Ham one of the ones who wanted to intervene? I think so.
    Obama should be tried for Treason.

    • with all of the things that will come out after he’s gone…I have to think Obama will leave the country as soon as he’s booted out of office…The UN or Muslim Brotherhood probably already have jobs lined up for him.

    • Obama has committed so many act of treason against our country until it amazes me that he is still in office. Let me put the good ol’ race card on the table – If any other president had pulled such crap, they would have been impeached at the very least. Nixon lied about Watergate and was removed from office! And his actions were not nearly as egregious as what this clown has done.

  5. The people have a very good idea of what went on; scuttlebutt is hard to put down when the troops are tired of being used to bolster the sagging popularity of a swaggering demigod with delusions of grandeur. This President has betrayed his office, betrayed his oath time and again and is continuing to practice lying, misdirection, race baiting, class baiting, and his never ending assault upon our Constitution. He should be impeached!

  6. What I can’t understand is why isn’t Boehner and everyone else not looking into all of the deviant behaviors of this President and his administration? This man should have been jailed already. Anyone of us would be! Why are they so afraid to go after him? This is why he keeps pushing the envelope….God help America!

  7. There is very little, if anything, about Benghazi that DOESN’T smell bad. We, the people, owe it to these men to keep on this until the truth comes out and those responsible are held to account.

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  9. J Rothrock says:
    Nov.4, 2012
    According to a reliable source, Gen Ham was fired 30 minutes after he initiated actions to assist Americans in Benghazi. He was temporarily replaced by the Ieputy Commander of AFRICOM. About the same time, the the Admiral over the Med. Flett was releived. He was critical of the incompetence in the White House over Benghazi. When will the truth come out?????????????????

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