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  1. Am I to understand that, not only was AQ involved in Benghazi, but possibly in the uprising in Syria and we are arming AQ affiliates? If that is the case, is Ahmadinejad throwing Assad under the bus in favor of AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood? Or is this being set up as a battle between Iran, Muslim Brotherhood and AQ. Interesting story developing here!

  2. Thus far, the Obama admin has proven to be the most deceitful & duplicitous American govt entity in history. Each day brings yet another destructive or treacherous action on their part, I feel that we as a nation are teetering on the
    edge of a precipice, at the point of no return & Obama & his minions are doing all
    within their power to bring about our downfall. I pray that Americans wake up to
    the danger & take whatever actions are necessary to save our beloved Republic!