Rep. Allen West – Statement After Last Nights Presidential Debate “The Choice is Clear to Me”

“After a series of debates it is clear to me and I pray to my fellow Americans that the past four years have been a failure. Government does not invest, it spends and often wastes our tax dollars. Right now, America does not look like the great nation we know it should be. Our embassies and consulates have been attacked, and an ambassador has been murdered. Radical Islamists are emboldened and our allies feel abandoned. Quitting is not the means by which one ends a war. Americans do so by winning. To win we need a powerful military that is a deterrent and a force for good. And the Navy does require 313 warships Mr. President. We have more debt, more unemployed Americans, more Americans in poverty, and a diminished influence in the world. President Obama has failed and Governor Romney is correct in stating that attacking your political opponent is not an agenda, and certainly not a strategy. In order to ensure the promise of our Republic, the choice is clear….and it ain’t Barack Obama.” – Rep. Allen West via Facebook

3 responses to “Rep. Allen West – Statement After Last Nights Presidential Debate “The Choice is Clear to Me”

  1. I’m a retired (23 yrs 8mos 5 days) 100% disabled ( agent orange cancer) Airborne Infanrtyman. As a Vietnam vet I’m use to getting shit on by my country. The latest slam was when I called 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack. Being retired military I didn’t worry about paying for the ambulance because Medicare and Tricare pay my medical bills. NOT this time. Medicare refused to pay the bill stating “because I walked to the ambulance I could have driven myself to the hospital.” REALLY? I didn’t land on my head that many times while on jump status with the 82d Abn Div to be dumb enough to get into a car and attempt to drive when I’m not sure I’ll be taking another breath. Asked my Congressman, Ted Nugent, to help me. So far NOTHING! I’m sending $25.00 per month to pay a bill my country SHOULD have paid NQA. Maybe if I had not served all those years defending her, but instead snuk in and didn’t speak a word of English this bill would have been paid without question.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH OBAMA administrartion for your support.


  2. I don’t think this will make you feel much better; however, I would like to explain. Next time you EVEN stump a toe…allow them to put you on a stretcher.
    I know because the ambulance people actually “told me” to get on the stretcher when they took me to the hospital. THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT!!!

    I argued when they wanted to put me on the stretcher; and they took the time to explain. It is sad but true. Our pride in ourselves sometimes gets in the way.

    I am SO sorry that happened to you.

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