The So-Called “Champion of Small Business” Murphy a No Show Today in Palm Beach COC Forum

Stuart, FL – Today Allen West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson offered the following statement regarding Patrick Murphy ducking the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce Business “Before Hours” Candidate Forum:

“It’s quite astonishing that Patrick Murphy, who claims to be a small business owner and job creator, would insult an organization of real business people at the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce by first attacking them for offering to hold a debate and then not even bothering to show up today for today’s candidate forum. What’s he afraid of?  Clearly, he’s petrified of facing the business community and having to defend his support of the Democrats’ job-killing tax and regulatory policies.

In contrast, Congressman West’s remarks were warmly received by the attendees, who appreciated his direct, honest assessment of the negative impact of the Obama administration’s policies on the local economy, and how best to set the conditions for economic success.

Patrick Murphy may try to hide his lack of knowledge and ideas behind racist and false attack ads, but running from debates and public forums only demonstrates to voters his true lack of courage and substance.”


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