VIDEO – At First Forum, Allen West Deals in Ideas and Facts, Patrick Murphy In Dishonest Talking Points

Now We See Why Patrick Murphy Won’t Debate


Stuart, FL – It is now even more clear why Patrick Murphy refuses debates–he has nothing to say other than memorized talking points.  West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding the clear contrast between Allen West and Patrick Murphy at today’s St. Lucie County League of Women Voter’s Forum:

“After weeks of running from debates and forums Patrick Murphy had to face Allen West today.  Murphy originally agreed to participate in this forum knowing that votes were scheduled in the House of Representatives and Allen West wouldn’t be able to participate.  Unfortunately for Patrick Murphy, the House calendar changed allowing West to attend.

Those in attendance were presented a clear choice between Allen West, a leader who has served our nation and put principles and solutions before partisan politics, and an empty suit in Patrick Murphy who repeats scripted talking points about bringing people together, only to expose his lack of ideas and hypocrisy at every turn by attacking Allen West with lies and divisive smears.

From the outset, Allen West had command of the issues, put forward solutions, and talked in detail about the issues facing the Treasure Coast.  A nervous Patrick Murphy stuck to his script and outlined in the vaguest terms his support for Obamacare, the failed stimulus that lined his family’s pockets, and job-destroying tax increases while continually glancing at his handlers and family for approval.  With the serious challenges facing the nation, Floridians need a leader, not another bad actor like Patrick Murphy.

In just over two weeks, Patrick Murphy will have to face Allen West in a real debate. Murphy might want to start learning the issues because, despite Murphy’s best efforts to exclude them, this debate will include rebuttals and Murphy will quickly be off script.  Just like his campaign, when Murphy gets off script he’ll go completely off the rails.”

Murphy continues to trail in the polls by double digits despite millions in left-wing Super PAC attacks and Murphy’s father’s racist attack ads.  Desperate and behind in the polls, the Murphy campaign grows increasingly shrill and divisive day by day.


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