VIDEO: “Patrick Murphy Doesn’t Belong in the Same Room as Allen West”

Stuart, FL – Today, Allen West for Congress released its latest television ad of the campaign titled “Veterans.”

“The contrast between a liberal rubber stamp and empty suit that is Patrick Murphy and the decorated combat veteran and principled leader Allen West is clearly explained in the heartfelt testimony of area veterans,” says West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson. “The veterans who risked their lives for this nation have no doubt who is qualified to lead in Congress and who is fit to serve — and it certainly isn’t Patrick Murphy.  

As one veteran so succinctly puts it, ‘Here’s a man who never put on the uniform, and he’s telling Allen West that he’s a coward? He doesn’t belong in the same room as Allen West.’

Patrick Murphy has called Allen West a coward but hides behind racist, negative attack ads financed by his father, whines when the truth about his family’s business dealings are exposed and runs from public debates where voters will be able to hear for themselves about his plans to gut Medicare and further weaken the economy. This ad lays out a clear choice for voters.”

One response to “VIDEO: “Patrick Murphy Doesn’t Belong in the Same Room as Allen West”

  1. I can honestly say that Congressman West is the best person for Florida. I know of no other man as capable or forthright. His words are honest and sincere. In this day and age of with so much corruption and greed, he is above and beyond that.

    I have a story about him I want to tell you. I am affliated with a lot of veterans – I feel that this Country has been derelict in providing assistance to those coming home from battle – particular to those so badly hurt. Well, I heard from the news one day that veterans or our Armed Forces were not being allowed any leniency regarding their right to vote. I believe it is Ohio. Not all of our military is going to be able to make the required time frames as they are fighting for our Freedom – can’t leave the battle field in the middle of the battle. I was not happy – being a bit of a Patriot at heart – I could not accept this. So, I had heard Senator West a time or two and was impressed with his frankness and integrity. I sent him an email and asked him was there anything he could do. I did not expect a response as I am in Kansas and the issue was in Ohio, I think. Anyway, the very next day that man was on Fox News with Greta talking about military voting rights. I could not believe it!

    To all those in Florida – I know of no better person for the job. He is exceptional. He is a man of action, a natural leader, and best of all he is a good man. You know, we all have been trying to decide this election according to finances, jobs, and foreign policy when what we should be looking for is just that – a good man. A good man will seek advice or assistance from others – like a President that puts expertise on his Cabinet. A good man can not be corrupted. Senator West has served this Country faithfully. I wish he was running in my State – he would be elected – hands down.

    I understand that President Obama has actually harmed race relations. But, Senator West is not Obama – they are opposites from almost every point of view. Do not judge this man because he has the same skin color as Obama. There are good and bad in all races, all colors. Listen to his words and more importantly, judge him by his actions. For those that may be a bit cynical – I am not a person of color, I am a short, white woman that can see this man’s possibilities and his future is bright indeed. Don’t vote for the politician that never wore a US uniform – vote for the man that did.