First Murphy Hides from Debates, Now He Lies About Debates – Rep. Allen West

Stuart, FL – Yesterday Patrick Murphy was on Hardball with Chris Matthews attacking Allen West and claiming that West had refused four debates. West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement:

“With every passing day, it becomes more clear that Patrick Murphy may very well rank among the most unqualified, cowardly and dishonest individuals ever to run for Congress. Patrick Murphy’s claim that Allen West is avoiding debates is beyond ridiculous given the fact that Allen West challenged Patrick Murphy to four debates.

The truth is that Patrick Murphy doesn’t want his ignorance to be exposed. That’s why Murphy demanded ‘debates’ without rebuttals. Murphy refused debates open to the public. Then Murphy demanded closed door meetings with his left-wing editorial board supporters. After that Murphy attacked respected organizations like the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches for offering to host a debate. Under public pressure, he finally agreed to one late October debate, but then Murphy tried to stipulate the footage could not be reused. Most telling, Murphy refused to participate if candidates were permitted to ask direct questions to each other.

We know Patrick Murphy is unable to talk about the issues and simply unable to defend his support for President Obama’s failed policies. The more we learn about Murphy’s family business profiting from the failed stimulus Murphy supports and bringing in foreign workers to do the jobs of Americans, it becomes increasing clear his claims of being an upstanding businessman are built on shaky foundations and his claims of personally being a job creator are simply laughable.”

Allen West’s challenge for four debates open to the public still stands. It’s time for Patrick Murphy to stop hiding and stop lying, and start addressing the issues.   


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