Congressman Allen West weighs in on Libya, Romney and more on Fox and Friends – 9/18/12


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2 responses to “Congressman Allen West weighs in on Libya, Romney and more on Fox and Friends – 9/18/12

  1. Did you hear what I did – it sounded like honesty! When was the last time you heard that? Tone was not accusatory, he wasn’t picking a fight, he wasn’t stating an opinion, he was just stating facts. Facts I can live with, it is all the lies that cause problems.

    What is the most important thing in a good leader or a President? It may not be what you think. We need is a good person – a person of American values. Everything else can be acquired by the Cabinet, or VP, or leaders of Congress. A good Presidential candidate, can manage budget, debt, financial issues, or foreign policy by using his leadership skills to select effective expertise in those fields where he wants more information. All this Country has ever really needed was a good man or woman that loves this Country! I know it sounds very simplistic, but think about it. With all the financial problems of the last 4 years, I would venture a guess that we did not have that. Think about Obama’s behavior and his words – is he somebody that is a good man, and that has the leadership skills to work with opposing views – like from Congress. Do you believe that he has been sincerely concerned with the Citizens? Has he loved his neighbors like himself. Has he been honest and forthright? Has he been thrifty with taxpayer’s money? Has he been good to our allies – like Israel? Has he shared his success with those that helped him achieve that success? Does he understand America? Does he know our heritage? Has he honored those that served him – the Armed Forces or even the young man that became an Eagle Scout? Has he broke our traditions that this Country holds dear? Do you think that he would die for this Country? Did he follow and uphold his oath of office? Has he embarassed you by his behavior with late night show hosts or foreign diplomats? Has he been a good example for your children? Americans are independent by nature. Whatever he is selling, I don’t want it.

    We need and should have the best. There is no good reason why we can’t. Congressman West is a breath of fresh air! I am an adult and I can handle the Truth. There is no reason to lie – what does it accomplish – it is almost always uncovered. Nobody can really hide anything – particularly these days. I also see a leader – not one to get down in the dirt and much over a couple of votes. I see a man that has served his Country again and again. As a general rule, I honestly, do not like politicians. I think many are corrupt and greedy and some aspire to some kind of “God” role. This man is not that, but nor is he a weak. If you are going to challenge him, you better have your facts straight. I believe that his is a man of action that can get things done. I hope that all of Florida sees what I do.

  2. I live in Atlanta and I have hardly heard of Allen West. Congressman West would be on every news channel if he were a lib.