Allen West for Congress SITREP – September 17

Dear Friends,

The more I listen to President Obama, the more I realize he is completely out of touch with the economic challenges facing Americans and the foreign threats to our nation.

Does he really believe Americans are buying his excuses and distortions? We found out that August unemployment once again remained over 8%, where we’ve been stuck for the last 43 months. It was Barack Obama himself who promised unemployment would never be higher than 8% when the almost trillion-dollar stimulus was shoved down our throats.

We have the lowest workforce participation rate in 31 years. President Obama tries to say a decrease in unemployment from 8.3% to 8.1% is positive, but that is a scam. We have 368,000 people who have been dropped from the labor accountability rolls. We only added 96,000 jobs to our economy in August.

Despite the claims of President Obama and the media, Americans are definitely worse off than 4 years ago. And despite the utterly shameful attempts by the media to cover for the President, the weak response to the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East show that President Obama is the weakest President since Jimmy Carter.  His policy in the Middle East has emboldened the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terrorists while endangering Israel.  The President’s sequestration will truly hollow out our military and leave us vulnerable to enemies around the world.  Last week the House passed my legislation, the National Security and Jobs Protection Act, to stave off the devastating threat posed to our military and national security by sequestration.  I am hopeful the Senate will act and the President will sign my bill.

What part of “debate” does he not understand?

In August we challenged Patrick Murphy to four public debates – including one in each county, so voters across the district would be able to hear our solutions straight from the horse’s mouth.

So far, we’ve accepted debate invitations from WPTV, the Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.  Murphy has refused these invitations from the latter two respected groups.  He did finally agree to a late October debate with WPTV that will be broadcast but closed to the public.  Apparently he doesn’t think he needs to be asked tough questions.  Murphy’s preferences seem be joint press conferences behind closed doors with left-leaning newspaper editorial boards. Yep, that serves the voters’ interests all right.

Less than 60 days to Election Day

Fear not, the cavalry is on the way! In less than 50 days we can take that giant step to turn our nation around. Make sure you’re ready!

Register to vote!

If you or someone you know is not yet registered, you have until October 9, 2012 to do so. Register online for Palm BeachMartin or St. Lucie counties online.

Can’t vote in person? Vote by mail.

You have until 6 days before the election to request a vote by mail or absentee ballot. Request online from Palm BeachMartin or St. Lucie counties.

Get Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers

Come in and pick up bumper stickers and a yard sign to show your support.

If you have a pickup truck and would like to deliver large signs, we can use your assistance on our sign distribution team.  Email us and we will get you involved.

Volunteer at an Office Near You

We can use your help in various ways in the office – even if it’s just an hour a week. We’ve always got something going on, and you never know who might pop in for a visit. Main headquarters is in Stuart, but we also have offices in West Palm Beach, Pt. St Lucie and Jupiter.

The horizon is in sight and victory is written in big bold letters across it. But we will all need to work together to ensure it also has our names on it. Lock shields with me as we continue our conservative advance and restore our nation’s greatness!

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West


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