Congressman Allen West and the National Black Prolife Coalition to Hold Education Forum


Congressman Allen West and the National Black Prolife Coalition to Hold Education Forum on the Issue of Abortion in the Black Community

(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) along with the National Prolife Coalition will sponsor a forum to explore questions related to abortion and its impact on the black community.

WHEN:  Friday, September 21st

TIME:  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

WHERE:  Rayburn Gold Room, Room 2168, United States Capitol, Washington DC

Presenters include: Ryan Bomberger, Founder of the Radiance Foundation; Stephen Broden, Sr. Pastor, Fairpark Bible Church; Dr. Freda Bush, MD; Catherine Davis, President, The Restoration Project; Day Gardner, President Black Prolife Union; Walter Hoye, President, Issues4LifeFoundation; and Dean Nelson, Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.  For full bios, see bottom of page, here. 

Seating has been reserved for members of the media. Please RSVP to

2 responses to “Congressman Allen West and the National Black Prolife Coalition to Hold Education Forum

  1. FYI – You probably know this but Kansas/Missouri has a lot of history with this issue and Clare McCatskill as Senator and Governor.

    There was a doctor called “Tiller, the Baby Killer.” He specialized in long term abortions. According to the law, they were not to be preformed unless there were at least 2 doctors in agreement that it was absolutely necessary. He and others in Planned Parthood, usually thought that this did not pertain to them. District Attorney after District Attorney went after him, over and over, but Claire McCatskill would not support any actions against him – even when it was clearly proven. She claimed something about privacy issues. These were generally viable fetuses. This upset the entire State and it was in my backyard. Of course, the Democrats say it was due to corrupt DA’s. The other doctor he worked with was stripped of her medical license. She is bad news and corrupt, and I read she is doing a job on the VA now. We have prayed that she would be defeated – all the petitions signed were to no avail with her. She will not go down easily. So, I hope your media response will be successful.

    Thanks so much for providing so much detailed information on what is occuring with Congress and the Embassy issues. This is exactly what I want to know. Such an amazing lack of strength as well as leadership. I may use some of it to do good, but I won’t provide where is came from.

    Facebook is getting hit too with an amazing lack of dishonesty and corruption. We have parties that are sending beautiful pictures and saying God-like things, but they are not from God. They talk about unifying the Globe, etc. That is not going to happen. I haven’t shut them down from my Facebook page yet as I am trying to acquire information. Americans have a way of knowing other Americans.

    My closest ally set up a Foundation for “Capitalism.” He deals with “Rhinos.” He had to hire security as his life is constantly being threatened. So, if issues come up where you need financial information, you can contact him or me, but, he has more specific info. His group just goes by the name “Capitalism” and it has the “$” sign on it. I doubt his name is listed anywhere. I am the only one that uses their real name as far as I know.

    You got some great ideas – confront the media directly. Probably will be conflict, but that is something we all need to be able to do. You do good work.

    Go with God.

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