Rep. Allen West “Another Disappointing Month by a Disappointing President’s Failed Polices”


(WASHINGTON)—Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement this morning responding to the August 2012 jobs report:

“President Barack Obama and the Democrat party are pleading with the American public to give their party a second chance and the President a second term.

President Obama vows ‘our problems can be solved’ and he just needs ‘more time.’  Presidents seeking to renew their contract by the American people are judged on their record over their first four years in office, however, President Barack Obama wants an ‘incomplete’ and is asking the American people to trust him with another four years to accomplish what he could not accomplish his first term in office.

Although the President uses convoluted numbers to try and prove his policies are helping American families, today’s jobs report and the jobs reports for the past 43 consecutive months tell the real American story.

The hard truth Americans clearly understand is unemployment has remained above 8 percent for 43 months, and there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel.

Today’s jobs report showing only 96,000 jobs created in August continues to keep America in the weakest recovery since the Great Depression. The labor force participation rate is at the lowest level in 31 years, while 368,000 Americans have been dropped from the labor accountability rolls.

President Obama stated with his own words when he was elected, that if he could not turn this economy around in four years he would be a one term proposition.

American families are being attacked from all sides with the policies of President Barack Obama, with stagnant wages, gas prices and health care costs soaring, and a national debt surpassing $16 trillion that will no doubt be paid back by our children and our grandchildren.

Americans need to ask one question, ‘What will President Obama do differently if provided another four years with no real plan to turn this economy around?’  The numbers simply don’t lie.  The President and his policies are failing America.”


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