Rep. Allen West “Prayers for those hit by the storm, and a few other thoughts this week”

by Congressman Allen West on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 3:40pm (taken from Congressman Allen West’s Facebook Page)

To our Constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans, greetings,

There will be no weekly update for this week as the predominant topic would be the RNC Convention and according to ethics rules it cannot be discussed using official Congressional channels.

However, let me take a moment to express a few thoughts. First of all my wife Angela, daughters Aubrey and Austen, and myself  want to convey our most sincere thoughts, prayers, and condolences for those here locally, in Florida, and across the Gulf States region who have suffered and lost friends, loved ones, and their homes as a result of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac. May God be with you at this time and wrap His loving arms around each of you.

And as we prepare to enjoy another Labor Day, even with gas prices skyrocketing to an average of $3.79, please remember our men and women in uniform who labor everyday to be our Guardians of America’s honor, and our liberty, freedom, and democracy. Keep them in your prayers this weekend as you enjoy your last days of summer.

In closing, to the 23 million Americans who are unemployed, like Lynn, who I met Friday morning coming back from Tampa at the Racetrack gas station in Okeechobee, the underemployed, and the discouraged Americans who seem to have just given up…gird yourselves to find courage and strength on this coming Labor Day weekend knowing the Cavalry is mounting up and coming to your rescue.

The greatness and exceptional nature of America and Americans shall always triumph over the misconceived empty promises and failed policies of one individual and his blind disciples.

Steadfast and Loyal,


2 responses to “Rep. Allen West “Prayers for those hit by the storm, and a few other thoughts this week”

  1. I’m Australian. But if I lived in America, I would do all I could to help Allen West. Your an inspiration sir. Don’t back down. The world belongs to the man who has the courage to speak up.

    • Allen West is probably THE most respected man I have ever known of in politics He IS a man of honor. He thinks the issues through carefully then forms his opinion no matter what anyone says. He sticks by it!
      I really did want him to run for president. I don’t understand why he didn’t unless the amount of $$ one has to raise to do so got in the way.
      Personally? I think each candidate should, of course, have to put in a specific fee to run, but then, there MUST BE A WAY to make it more open to those LIKE WEST who would really do great things for the country and NOT have it depend on how much $ they do or do NOT have in order to get into the race!

      He was my first thought when we all began talking about the upcoming elections.