TODAY Rep. Allen West for Congress released two new television ads focused on the economy

Stuart, FL – Today Allen West for Congress released two new television ads focused on the economy.  The ads demonstrate the clear differences between Allen West’s plans to get the economy back on track so small business can create jobs, and Patrick Murphy’s support for Obamacare and the new taxes and regulations that continue to prevent the economy from recovering.

“The economic policies championed by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Patrick Murphy have failed,” said Allen West. “When I talk to small business owners like Roger Dunshee of Twin Vee Catamarans in Fort Pierce, they all tell me the same thing: the taxes, regulations and energy policies coming out of Washington are making it impossible to hire and grow.  Obamacare is making it impossible for small business owners to provide healthcare to their employees.  The skyrocketing cost of energy is pricing small businesses right out of business.  Miles of red tape are strangling their ability to expand. 

With an administration pursuing these economically destructive policies, it’s no surprise unemployment has been about 8 percent for 42 months, poverty is skyrocketing, and food stamp recipients have increased by 45 percent.  By getting government off the back and out of the pocket of taxpayers, we can turn things around.  Getting our economy going again is my top priority and that’s why I am proud to have voted for over 30 jobs bills in the United State House of Representatives to cut taxes, reduce regulations and increase American energy production.”

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