Allen West’s Campaign Mgr Released this statement “First Murphy Hides Behind His Father, Now He is Hiding Behind Children”

Stuart, FL – Patrick Murphy followed up his father’s vile, racist attack ad today with another despicable ad–this time exploiting children.  West for Congress Campaign Manager Tim Edson released the following statement:

“After hiding behind his father’s widely condemned racist attack ad portraying Allen West punching white women and stealing money from a black family, Patrick Murphy is now hiding behind and exploiting children with a new ad showing elementary school-aged children repeating out of context statements and even putting bleeped adult-language in the mouths of children.     

It is appalling that Patrick Murphy is exploiting young children to cover for his startling lack of intellectual ability and complete ignorance of the issues.  Patrick Murphy should pull his latest ad and instead address how he will stop the skyrocketing federal debt and deficits that threaten the future of our children and grandchildren.  But Patrick Murphy can’t do that because he champions the policies responsible.

Despite his rhetoric about solving problems and bringing people together, it is clear Patrick Murphy has nothing to run on but divisive, negative attacks.  It’s why he continues to refuse four substantive debates or offer specifics on the issues.   Allen West will not stoop to Patrick Murphy’s level.  While Patrick Murphy spews hate, racial attacks, and empty rhetoric, Allen West will stay focused on ensuring economic, energy, and national security for present and future generations.”

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