Rep. Allen West “SITEREP – West for Congress – August Edition

Dear Friends,

It has been an exciting and busy few weeks here in South Florida. We won our primary election with 74 percent of the vote and we now have a strong team in Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan to take the helm of this great ship of state and restore our nation’s greatness and prosperity. The combination of Mitt Romney’s successful record in business and government, and Paul Ryan’s legislative experience and willingness to lead on pressing fiscal problems is just the recipe to get America back on the right path.

I would also like to congratulate all our Republican nominees for state and local office for their victories last Tuesday. The hard road lies ahead, and success will not be ours without the passion and drive of our supporters and volunteers – each and every one of you.

On a personal note, I am humbled by the overwhelming support from the Republican voters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, and I am honored to be your Republican nominee for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. Our campaign was successful because we are committed to standing up for conservative principles, and voters want statesmen who have the courage to say what they mean, and mean what they say.

Voters along the Treasure Coast – and indeed the nation – are faced with two very clear choices, and two dramatically different visions for the future of our Republic and that of our children and grandchildren. The results of the November election will determine the legacy we leave to our families. Will it be one of ever-higher unemployment, crushing debt, near-universal dependence on government handouts, porous borders that allow anyone and everyone to feed from the government trough and force the bankruptcy of programs like Social Security and Medicare?

Or will it be a return to our constitutional principles of economic freedom and individual sovereignty, in a country where we have the liberty to prosper without being punished for our success, keep our promises to our seniors, fully utilize our domestic energy resources and once again ensure peace through strength?

Of course, Patrick Murphy is big on criticism and short on ideas. That is why he has refused to debate. Over the weekend his “strategist” said he will not participate in any debate where rebuttals are permitted! I have no doubt that is because he will be lost once he gets off Nancy Pelosi’s talking points!

Predictably, Patrick Murphy (and the left-wing Super PAC funded by this father) has wasted no time in running negative advertising against me because he is incapable of addressing the issues. He talks about “compromise” and “fairness” which are essentially code words for saying whatever he needs to get elected. Once in office, Murphy will simply rubber stamp the policies of 0bama and Pelosi.

Last week Republican voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches turned out in huge numbers to demonstrate they know which vision is right for our country, and which will be victorious in November. We’re energized, motivated, and ready to restore fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty and economic freedom to this great nation. I am honored to stand with you here in Florida and represent you in Washington D.C. Together we will send a powerful message on November 6th.

Join a Coalition
Help spread our message to your friends and colleagues where the issues matter most. Join one of our coalitions:

Business leaders
Law enforcement
Sportsmen (and women!)

Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers
Come in and pick up bumper stickers and a yard sign to show your support.
If you have a pickup truck and would like to deliver large signs, we can use your assistance on our sign distribution team.  Email GoWest@AllenWestforCongress.comand we will get you involved.

Volunteer in our Campaign Offices
We can use your help in various ways in the office – even if it’s just an hour a week. We’ve always got something going on, and you never know who might pop in for a visit. Main headquarters is in Stuart, but we also have offices in West Palm Beach and Pt. St Lucie.

Thank you for standing with me on August 14, and your continued assistance on the road to November. Because of you, we have the resources to counter the lies, distortion and smears coming from my Democrat opponent, his left-wing Super PAC allies and his buddies in the liberal media. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail over the next 76 days.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen West

P.S. You can help us stand up to the left-wing Super PACs by contributing here.

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