Rep Allen West (R-FL) and Faith*Hope*Love*Charity Inc – Press Conference Veterans Grant

Local Veterans Charity Receives Whopping $960,000 Federal Grant Funding to make major impact on struggling veterans as they reintegrate back into Palm Beach County.

Join members of the veterans community,Representative Allen West (R-FL), Faith*Hope*Love*Charity representatives and the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, as they announce the impact a new $960,000 federal grant will have on Palm Beach County veterans.

 Lou Galterio will perform the National Anthem

More than 20,000 veterans in Palm Beach County live below the poverty level. Faith*Hope*Love*Charity serves more than 600 cases a year of veterans who need help. The grant, which came as a surprise to this tiny charity, will have a major impact on establishing temporary housing and providing resources to get veterans back to work. Struggling veterans will be at the event to talk with reporters and share their personal experiences of trying to integrate back into Palm Beach County after serving their country.

BACKGROUND: Faith*Hope*Love*Charity’s (FHLC) mission is to reintegrate veterans and their families back into the community so they are able to sustain independent living. FHLC works in conjunction with the Palm Beach County Veterans Administration Medical Center and the Department of Veterans Affairs to serve veterans with PTSD, physical disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. FHLC focuses on finding veterans permanent housing and employment.

FHLC Palm Beach County facilities:
Stand Down House– serves homeless male veterans, many struggling with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.
First Stop Housing Program- provides short-term housing and supportive services to reintegrate female veterans and their families back into the community.

First Stop Veterans Resource Center– provides services to at-risk veterans, including assistance in navigating VA system, medical benefits, employment, counseling, support groups, permanent housing and educational benefits.

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