Murphy Continues Medicare Lies in Latest Allen West Attack Ad

Patrick Murphy supports plan that cuts Medicare 

by $700 billion


Stuart, FL –  Allen West for Congress released this statement today regarding Patrick Murphy’s latest negative, false attack ad designed to distract from Murphy’s own attacks on Medicare:

Just like his liberal Washington allies who continue to funnel thousands of dollars into his campaign, Patrick Murphy continues to attempt to dupe American seniors with lies about Medicare.  Murphy is the only candidate who supports cutting Medicare by $700 billion, as mandated in Obamacare — including a $308 billion cut to Medicare Advantage,” said Tim Edson, West’s Campaign Manager.  “Patrick Murphy never offers specific plans, and the case of Medicare is no different.  Murphy has no solutions for protecting and preserving Medicare and Social Security. He cannot debate the fact that the policies he supports are bankrupting Medicare and our nation.

Allen West supports a serious plan that will not change Medicare for anyone currently 55 and over, and gradually phases in sensible reforms to ensure Medicare will be available to future retirees.  Allen West is not afraid to speak the truth, even in the face of false, negative attacks from Patrick Murphy and his father.  The truth is, Medicare is rapidly headed toward bankruptcy.  Inaction is not an option, and Patrick Murphy’s $700 billion in cuts will only hasten Medicare’s demise.

Today Allen West for Congress released automated phone calls setting the record straight on Patrick Murphy’s Medicare lies.  Read the script below:

Florida Senior: In the race for Congress, Patrick Murphy is the only candidate running that supports cutting your Medicare and my Medicare by $700 billion. Patrick Murphy is running a nasty, negative campaign against Allen West to distract from his own support for a plan that will destroy Medicare. Don’t be fooled by Patrick Murphy’s lies about Medicare. This call was paid for by Allen West for Congress.       

Congressman Allen West is running for re-election in Florida’s 18th Congressional District including all of St. Lucie and Martin Counties, and part of Palm Beach County. For more information visit


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