Statement from Congressman Allen West – WEST DECISIVELY WINS PRIMARY

WEST: November election provides voters with clear choices
Stuart, FL – Allen West released this statement tonight after winning the Republican primary for United States Congress in Florida’s 18th Congressional District:
“I am humbled by the overwhelming support from the Republican voters of the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches, and I am honored to be the Republican nominee for Florida’s 18th Congressional District. While we celebrate this victory tonight, the real battle lies ahead — for our country and the future of our children and grandchildren.
My opponent and the left-wing Super PACs supporting him are already running vile, negative advertising against me instead of addressing the issues.  But that is the only approach my opponent can take, because he has no new ideas and he can’t possibly run on the same failed policies of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  He can’t run on his plans for more taxes and spending, or his support for Obamacare–a nationalized healthcare plan which cuts Medicare by $700 billion for current recipients and threatens seniors’ ability to keep their doctors and access the medical care of their choosing.      
The comparatively low Democrat voter turnout in this primary demonstrates their disappointment in not only the failed policies of President Obama, but with their own congressional candidate who has done nothing to engender enthusiasm or confidence. 
By contrast, Republican voters along the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches turned out in huge numbers today. They’re energized, motivated, and ready to restore fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty and free market prosperity to this great nation. I am honored to stand with them here in Florida and represent them in Washington D.C.”
Congressman Allen West is running for election in Florida’s 18th Congressional District including all of St. Lucie and Martin Counties, and part of Palm Beach County. For more information

8 responses to “Statement from Congressman Allen West – WEST DECISIVELY WINS PRIMARY

  1. Congratations Congressman on your landslide primary win! I had no doubt you would take it and now run it to the goal post in an awesome win for We the People.

  2. Awesome performance, Coronel! We all need you. Thanks so much for your continuing service. Congratulations from way up here in Connecticut.

  3. Congratulations Colonel West!! You are very much needed in this battle and survival of our nation. I had hoped to see you in either the Presidential or VP arena but I’m thinking I like the sound of Mr. Speaker even better. How do we help you make this happen?? You sir are needed at the helm of Congress to steer them in the right direction! But first on to the next battle…..11/6/12!!!

  4. Mr. West,
    I humbly applaud your courage, integrity and wisdom in your approach to government (and America). This Wisconsin resident proudly aligns himself with the conservative right and deeply appreciates your efforts. That little voice inside my head is telling me you are destined for greatness in Washington, DC. I pray for your continued success and only hope others in this great nation begin to open their eyes to see what tragedy our current president is inflicting upon the United States. God Bless You Allen West.

  5. Mr. West,,The republicans of south carolina appreciate what you have done and are willing to do for this great country! I to pray for your continued success and keep our country Free! Thanks for all you do! God bless you and your family! drw

  6. God bless you Col. West, never give up, never give in, and never stop defending the people of this great nation. Never! Never! Never!