Exclusive Biz PAC Review video: Rep. Allen West gets blow torched!


By: Michele Kirk  – Source: BIZPAC Review 

Date: August 10, 2012


U.S. Rep. Allen West subjected himself to a flaming blowtorch Wednesday to demonstrate the power of a revolutionary new fire retardant made by a Jupiter company.

GelTech Solutions, which has earned international recognition for what it calls a lifesaving product, invited West to participate in a firsthand demonstration of the patent-pending technology. Called FireIce, it has been featured on national TV programs like the “Stossel Show.”

FireIce is a chemical retardant that its manufacturers say is so environmentally safe, it can be eaten without harm. When mixed with water, it can be used to coat homes, trees and other vulnerable objects to prevent the spread of fire. GelTech officials say it can also be useful to coat the clothes of a firefighter or soldier who may be at risk of coming into contact with flames. In a videotaped demonstration for BPR, company officials showed how a coated piece of wood can be subjected to a constant flame without catching fire.

“It was a pleasure meeting with Congressman West and seeing his enthusiastic reaction to our Company”, said Michael Cordani, GelTech’s chief executive officer.  “It is encouraging to meet a member of Congress that genuinely understands and supports small businesses and is actively looking for ways to reduce government spending. ”

West was so “blown away” by the product’s uses and its lifesaving potential in the military arena, he pledged to introduce the relatively new company to the Department of Defense and the House Committee on Natural Resources.

Drawing on his military experiences, West gave GelTech examples of how FireIce could benefit soldiers by providing new avenues of protection.

“This is incredible,” said West, who sits on the House Armed Services and Small Businesses committees. “I’m honored that it’s in our own backyard.”

Watch for BizPac Review’s upcoming profile on GelTech Solutions and FireIce, including product demonstrations and an exclusive interview with company President Joseph Ingarra and inventor Peter Cordani.

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