Congressman Allen West released this statement today regarding the latest unemployment report

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today regarding the latest unemployment report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“July marks the 42nd consecutive month Americans have suffered under unemployment rates of eight percent or above.

Employers are simply not hiring and why should they? President Obama has promised to raise taxes on America’s small businesses starting January 2013. President’s Obama’s healthcare law is looming over employers and threatening to fine them for every employee they do not insure. President Obama is calling for the United States military to be reduced and defense contractors are preparing to slash thousands of jobs around the country. President Obama refuses to lead or come up with any solutions to build certainty, stability or confidence among American businesses.

President Obama instead believes individuals who have built their businesses did not do it on their own.  President Obama believes we need more spending and we need to punish individuals who are succeeding in our free market system.  All one has to do is examine the tax and regulatory policies of the Obama administration to know they are counter productive to economic growth.

In the House of Representatives, we have voted over and over on job-creating legislation only to have it sit on Democrat Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid’s desk.  Just this week, a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives voted to make sure no American family or small business sees a tax increase. In the House of Representatives, we are committed to supporting businesses and putting Americans back to work.

American families from coast to coast must realize the policies of President Obama, demonstrated once again by today’s unemployment number, are not working.  The American people have a choice between two futures. It is time to reject the  path of high unemployment and an anemic economy and instead take the path of limited government and fiscal responsibility.  This is the path our founders carved out for us, and it is the path that will lead our nation back to prosperity and economic freedom.”


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