This Will Not Happen In My Country! I Stand with Congressman Allen West – Will You?

George Soro’s Funded Super Pac and a few other Democrat funded Super Pac’s are gearing up full throttle to take on “The Man” …… yep, I said “The Man” – Congressman Allen West. The story first broke to the world wide web and like a wildfire it ignited the spirit of patriotism in grassroots patriots across this great nation. I saw people coming out of the woodwork to rise up from their daily fights against tyranny, grab their gas cans and stood up tall to say “THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IN MY COUNTRY”. Soro’s does not dictate to “We the People” and we as a nation will lock arms with the Congressman and show these Super PAC’s that America is our country, it’s our choices and it’s our liberty to decide who goes and who stays. There is no amount of money in the world that could silence the strong voices and pocketbooks of a nation united to defeat the current sitting President, his administration, take back the Senate and remain control of the House of Representatives.

Congressman Allen West may not say things the left wants to hear but the deciding factor in this fight is the fact that they are pulling out all the big guns to defeat him. They just don’t see this as a simple congressional seat my friends. They see this man who served 22 years in the US Army as a threat to one day reside at Pennsylvania Avenue. They don’t just want to wipe him out of politics, they want to obliterate his reputation. We all know the capabilities of those who have been exposed in this coming soon smear campaign. We are preparing for battle on so many levels in this coming election and they are afraid of what is on the horizon. As well they should. There is a tsunami coming this November and they are pulling out all the stops to at least maintain what little they think they can hold onto.

Congressman Allen West needs our support. He truly is the top of the list for their targets. Now with the mighty wallet of the Soro’s family they will run harsh smears, lies, they will cause confusion, hurt and much more. We must take the facts to his new district repeatedly every day. Hammering in the truth and keeping his newest potential constituents well informed. Do you realize how truly scared they are of Congressman West? He is doing something that (in the words of Mark Levin) would make Ronald Reagan proud. His family deserves our support and we should stand Steadfast & Loyal for him as he stood on that wall for 22 years and did for us.

Please take a minute out of each day to just make or share one simple post about Congressman West. Don’t let the left take down a man who fought for their rights and would do it again if asked.

I stand before you now asking you to unite with Congressman Allen West, he needs a nation of help now more then ever.

America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” Ronald Reagan saw the good left in this nation and fought for it every day.

“All I need to keep at the end of the day is my honor character and integrity” – Rep Allen West

by Tanya Grimsley – @luvGodncountry

8 responses to “This Will Not Happen In My Country! I Stand with Congressman Allen West – Will You?

  1. I will stand with You Mr. West I love my country and my Husband fought for this country he is a veteran .As I keep hearing a lot lately freedom isn’t free we have to fight to get Obama out of the White house and get a strong leader in there who really loves America , Our current President does not love America or or Military men and woman, We are doomed if he wins again . I pray that you stay strong during this time I know they will try to discredit you but I won’t believe them, they lie
    so much they would not know the truth if it slapped them in the face. God bless you and God bless America.

  2. Dear Congressman West, At this time I can not give any money. I am disabled and own a small business that is struggling, no, we are closed at this time. I will do my best to get the word out to all that will listen that we need to take America back from those that wish to destroy it.
    Thank you for your continued service to our country. God bless you and your great cause.
    Please run for Vice president.

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  4. We stand with you Ltc West we will not allow one of our best to be attacked , by the far left and the likes of soros … We will close ranks, This attack on you is an attack on all of us … It is unacceptable …

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