Rep Allen West “We will fight back and I need you to join the fight today”

Fellow Conservative,

This week we learned radical leftist billionaire George Soros has agreed to bankroll a new SuperPAC aimed at defeating our campaign this November.

Soros has pledged up to $5 Million for the effort to distort my record and defeat the conservative principles you and I believe in. This is in addition to two other left-wing SuperPACs, massive ad buys by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, out-of-state, occupy-style protesters descending on the district, paid canvassers bank-rolled by union bosses, and a liberal media intent on defending the ‘progress’ they’ve made the past three years.

We will fight back and we need you to join the fight today. Donate what you can here:

If we’re going to repeal Obamacare, stop Barack Obama’s $494 Billion Taxmageddon, prevent amnesty for illegal immigrants, balance the federal budget, and protect the American Dream as you and I know it — we absolutely need to retain our Majority in the US House.

I’m the liberals’ number one target and defeating me is a key part of their plan to return the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi. We absolutely can’t allow them to win.

I pledge to you that I will never back down and I will continue to present a stark contrast based on proven conservative principles and solutions to the problems facing our nation.

I hope you’ll stand strong with me by making a contribution here:

Thank you!
Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC(R) Allen B. West
Member of Congress

P.S. Liberal Billionaire George Soros is pledging $5 Million to attempt to defeat me and create a House Majority for liberals. Help me fight back today by donating here.

10 responses to “Rep Allen West “We will fight back and I need you to join the fight today”

  1. I believe you are a fine conservative American with a conviction in your heart yo do what is right for Israel and America. I believe you will serve this country and has served this country with honor. I pray Romney will call on you to serve as his VP and that you will accept.
    Yours In Christ,
    White, bigoted, right wing, tea bagger, hater
    Elmer L. Carver

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