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The first point:  I am against ALL SuperPacs because their intent is to mislead at times and go nearly to the precipice of slandering a candidate so voters can be bent to their persuasion.  The candidates themselves cannot control what the SuperPac does “in their behalf”.


BUT it is a sad state of affairs, when groups and individuals can put together a SuperPac with the intent to SHUT UP a person’s voice in American politics.

That is exactly what is happening to Rep. Allen West.

Rep. Allen West is a Conservative that Says What He Means……and Means what he Says.

That is WHY the Communists/Progressives/Democratic Socialists within our Congress and other Leftist Groups want to silence his voice about America’s Liberties and the Freedom to CHOOSE.


Why I continue my steadfast and loyal stand with Congressman Allen West – My brand of Conservatism

By Tanya Grimsley

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