Rep Allen West: Reconciliation is Essential to Protecting American Security

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statment today:

“Today, my Republican colleagues and I in the United States House of Representatives have voted on and approved a clear and conscise plan that will carry the American economy into the next decade, by trimming $180 billion dollars off of the United States deficit.  These savings are imperative in creating jobs for the American people, by eliminating the massive burden our country’s debt and deficit have placed on American families.

This Reconciliation plan is essential to offset the automatic cuts to our nation’s military set to go into effect in January 2013.  If today’s House approved Reconciliation plan is not passed and put into law, the Department of Defense will see severe 10 percent cuts and shrink to its smallest size since before the Second World War. Under the current sequestration law, the cuts to the nation’s defense capabilities would result in:

  • The smallest ground force since 1940
  • The smallest fleet of ships since 1915
  • The smallest tactical fighter force in the history of the Air Force

At a time when our country is still at war with Afghanistan and facing increased threats from Iran, North Korea, unrest in the Middle East, and a rising China, reducing our military is dangerous, irresponsible and puts the national security of America at risk. With reports even this week of a thrwarted terrorist plan against America, it is absurd to think that reducing our Defense is safe for American families.

In contrast, Democrats have failed to offer any credible solutions to put our country back on track.  Instead, the President insists on taking more money from hardworking families and small businesses while building up the class of economically dependent Americans.  Senate Democrats have failed to pass a budget in more than 1,000 days, a crucial blueprint for going forward, which proves they do not have a plan, or are simply not interested in the future of the American economy.

As one of the only Members of Congress who has actually served on a battlefield, I am increasingly disheartened by the lack of understanding from leaders as to how the United States military functions and or what is needed for its continued success.  The American military cannot continue to be the billpayer for America’s economic hardships and failed policies.  When examining the exorbitant growth of federal government programs in the past ten years, one can see the claims of my Democrat colleagues are wrong, and at times deceptive. As a 22-year Army Veteran, I can attest that if the sequestration cuts are allowed to go through, the effect on the Department of Defense will be a catastrophe. With looming threats from all ends of the globe, now is not the time to politicize our men and women in uniform and put our national security at risk.

House Republicans have created a solution with common sense reforms in today’s Reconciliation package.  I strongly urge my colleagues in the Senate to pass this immediately.  Anyone voting against Reconciliation is saying to our men and women in uniform and their families, that their service, sacrifice, and commitment on the battlefield means nothing.”

For an easy to read slide summing up the deficit reduction totals, click here.


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