Rep Allen West “Weekly Wrap Up for May 7th”

Dear Patriot,

Greetings to our constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans.  It is time for another weekly update to all of you.

This past Saturday, President Barack Obama came on TV live from Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State University, speaking before a group of young people. I looked and saw this new slogan on signs being held by these young people, “Forward ” and wondered if they know from where that motto emanated?  I also wondered if those same young people realize how high the unemployment rate is for their age demographic.

This past week, we witnessed the street violence of these so-called “anarchists” embedded in the Occupy Wall Street movement. We even saw five young men charged with the crime of wanting to destroy a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio. It just seems that the promise of hope and change has devolved into “Divide and Rule,” supported by a principle of “Violence and Disruption.”  All the energy these individuals put into protesting, shouting, and complaining should go toward finding a job!  We now see what lies ahead for our country for the next few months – more shouting, demagoguery, protesting, deception, and manipulation all in the name of moving “Forward.”

Here are some simple, yet disturbing factoids:

– We have the lowest workforce participation rate in the past 31 years, right at 64%.

– If  the underemployed and those who have dropped out of the workforce are included, unemployment in America is close to 14.5%.

– We have the longest running rate of unemployment at or above 8% since the Great Depression.

– At this time in President Ronald Reagan’s first term he produced 363,000 jobs per month (April 1984) as opposed to President Barack Obama’s dismal 115,000 (April 2012).

– GDP growth is an abysmal 2.2% in the previous quarter (Jan-Mar 2012), coming off  2011 GDP quarterly numbers of 0.4%, 1.0%, 1.3%, and 3.0%. President Reagan’s economy was clipping along at 6% GDP at this same time.

– According to President Obama’s economic advisors, the stimulus bill was supposed to have resulted in unemployment at 6% at this time.

– We now have the highest corporate/business tax rate in the world, 39.6%.

– According to a survey from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), only 8% of small businesses are looking to grow and expand in the next year.

–  In three and a half years President Obama has incurred more debt, over $5 trillion, than all presidents from George Washington to Bill Clinton combined.  The President’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget would increase the debt by another $10 trillion. What’s more, 47% of our debt is held by foreign nations, 28% by China. The Federal Reserve holds the greatest percentage of our debt.  This is horrible monetary policy.

– Since inauguration day in 2009, gasoline prices in America have gone from $1.84 to $3.89, close to a 112% increase.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.   I have confidence the sun shall certainly rise and shine upon America again as more Americans learn the facts and seek viable solutions to the economic woes of our country. We shall witness the dawn of a New America which shall restore this Republic, recommit to our foundational constitutional principles and values, and reclaim our sense of American exceptionalism.

In closing, having been in combat, and even been on a few raid operations, the honor should always go to our Men and Women in the combat zone, not those far away watching video feeds. The joint document-signing between President Barack Obama and President Hamid Karzai reminded me sadly of Sir Neville Chamberlain in the 1930’s– “Peace in our time.”  President Obama’s speech, in the hours of darkness, promoting negotiations with the Taliban and a new sunrise for Afghanistan, was responded to by the Taliban with deadly simplicity.  They attacked and killed seven people 90 minutes after President Obama left. They did not appear to be peacefully inspired by his speech.

It was Alexander the Great who stated, “I would not fear an army of lions if led by sheep, but I would fear an army of sheep if led by a lion.”

We will not lose our Constitutional Republic to braying sheep – or donkeys  for that matter.
Steadfast and Loyal,

One response to “Rep Allen West “Weekly Wrap Up for May 7th”

  1. I really wish Congressman West would plan to be more visible to a larger group of people like on the networks…Masses of people need to hear what he has to say.
    The meetings at town halls are great!
    I wish more people could see him and hear the man. He is a GREAT American!