Video – Lincoln Day Dinner with Congressman Allen West & BREC

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Congressman Allen West speaks to the BREC (Broward Republican Executive Committee) at the Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six Fort Lauderdale, FL


5 responses to “Video – Lincoln Day Dinner with Congressman Allen West & BREC

  1. His P-R management needs to get him on major TV News stations….
    He is NOT yet visible enough!!!
    Come on, West, get some people behind you so you can be seen and heard by Millions or even Thousands at a time….NOT just a few at a time.

    This is ONE GREAT MAN I want to see more of !!!!

  2. I would like to have your opinion on my list.
    I was working on Newt’s campaign and came up with these ideas which are transferable to West:

    1) Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie(s) father..blasted Obama; and he would do it free;
    2) Col West would stand up with Obama;
    3) Sarah Palin will stand up for Newt;
    4) Well-known RETIRED Military Officer would stand up with Newt and for him;
    5) Wild Bill will stand up for Newt — they are in the same type thought processes;
    6) AZ Sheriff Babeu would stand up for Newt as well as Jan Brewer;
    7) ALL of those who want the borders on the Sheriff’s Posse will make it know they stand up for him; and sue they would do an AD for him’
    8) Chuck Norris is a great fan of Newt’s – get him to campaign or do an ad:
    9.) Rick Perry Supports Newt Gingrich
    10) (Well, this jerk will get the voters under 40+ but I can’t stand him: Charley Sheen;
    11) Herman Cain supports Newt;
    12) PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel ) — Newt openly stated to him concerning Israel: What can we do for you; “Two Peas in a Pod”;

    It is NOT too late:
    These names can be divided for his staff. The great thing about public relations and all of these people like and respect.

    At this point, he is invisible to the public-at-large…we need to help him become more public. This was actually what I wrote for Newt’s campaign…but I am sure IF it gets to West….hopefully, he jump in with both feet.

  3. Sorry, I left Newt’s name in…just replace with “West” when considering the ideas.