Allen West for Congress will conduct the first neighborhood walk for the Congressman

When:  Saturday, April 28, 2012

Times: 9-11am

Contact:  Marilyn@AllenWestforcongress.com to get all the information on where to meet!!! 

Please help in the continued support of the election of Congressman Allen West to Florida’s District 18

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  1. I will make sure this goes viral to 6 Different Tea Party Groups in Texas; one in California.
    As well as post this on every Tea Party Blog site I am associated with.

      • OF COURSE!!!!
        My DREAM TEAM is he and Newt G.
        They are both stronger than dirt (as we say in Texas).
        OUR Country could REALLY come back to her Greatness again!!!!

        What is sad is I am more worried about the Muslim infiltration in OUR Country than I am about $$. Yes, West can fix that too. We have had to tighten our belts in history before. My parents told me horrible stories about the Great Depression; BUT!
        None of these stories compare to what is happening to our Country and only WEST OR NEWT understand. West/Newt IS my dream team…so YOU make it happen! LOL

      • There is NO WAY they could be beat!!!!
        West….West is like the husband, father, brother, friend, every person would want to have close to them (that is how I see him).
        He is such an honorable man with education and strength!!!
        He, of course, has been in the Military which gives him a “polish” that even a PhD doesn’t have because that kind of polish comes from having a strong character to begin with and adding that to the values that OUR Military teaches… he, literally shines like a rock star on stage. It is a “presence” that all great men have, especially if they have the Military training behind them. shhh, don’t tell West if he doesn’t like this guy, okay?

        I have always had a strong belief in Our Military, and when I saw the Movie “Patton”… I dug up everything I could about him… Such strength, knowledge and sophistication. lol, Basically, Good ol’ George was a great man… but he didn’t have the presence of West.

        Yet? Even as much as I respected Patton, he does NOT hold a candle to the Presence of West when he is speaking to a crowd of people. He holds the crowd of all walks of life: Men, women, children and other politicians.

        And, P.S. No, I am NOT stage struck lol…I see change in our country back to her greatness with him in the WH. I feel power and love of our Country from him and his faith that can re-build America.!
        I will do everything I can which may not be enough; but it will NOT be due to lack of trying.

    • This is the Video of West Explaining the NDAA ACT and puts it to rest. West speaks of Terrorists and NOT American Citizens who have committed no crimes.
      What he DOES explains is true; however, it does NOT mean that is how Obama twists it until it is FUBAR:

      • Does NOT ” include U.S. Citizens” as terrorists….from Associated forces in conflict against the U.S. Citizens.
        Pg. 667 for American Citizens…..”Does NOT extend to Citizens of the United States….”

    • Howdy.
      after watching Congressman West from his own mouth READ from the law he voted on i HAVE TO EAT MY WORDS and say i was WRONG in misjudging his reason for voting this NDAA.
      at least he did NOT lie or try and Duck and explained himself which i find HONORABLE AND MANLY.
      so NOW i am in FULL SUPPORT of him if he goes for the VP SPOT OF PRESIDENT.
      Semper Fi.

      • Thank you, Jim….All is well.
        My FEAR? Obama will do whatever the hell he pleases…just as he has been doing since he took office.

  2. So if West wins his re-election bid, as does Obama; will West stand up and object to his election on the grounds of not proven he has met his qualifications to take the oath of office of the presidency of the United States?

    ex animo

    • IF you are, in fact, Military…you sound like a very bitter man. WE have all run across Military “wanna be(s)”; and Military people who were discharged on pitiful circumstances.
      You have yet to say anything positive about the U.S.; Our GREAT Military; West. IF you need help, get it.

      • You see me as a bitter man because, as a citizen of this Republic, I expect my elected officials to obey the Constitution? You damn right I do.

        ex animo

  3. So it West wins his re-election bid, as does Obama; will West stand up on the Senate floor and offer an objection to Obama taking the path of office of the presidency of the United States on the grounds that he has not met his qualifications?

    ex animo

    • Obama NEVER took the Oath of Office. He deliberately messed up 3 x’s; and frustrated, they let him get away with it.

    • I’m not going to argue with you. Just found a Video I want to share that is more important than “sparring with word meanings, etc.”

      Blacks are now Protesting Obama:

  4. Personally IF I was his campaign manager/PR director?
    I’d make a strong command position of WHAT HE WILL DO FOR the COUNTRY.
    Taking the PRO-ACTIVE Stand” is the stand AGAINST Obama if anyone is listening at all.
    I would advise him to INFORM about his policies (which will be against what Obama has and is doing).
    That is just my opinion; I would like to hear yours on the “benefits” of running a more negative campaign — SINCE THE ENTIRE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE… makes it the point Moot a this time.

  5. I can think of NO reason why West would NOT make an ideal running mate/appointment, ie, sec. of defense. West is like Gingrich in that he mans up against those who disagree with him, this nation and its principles. Some would cite his conviction of war crimes as a reason not to vote for him and to this, I say read the FACTS>>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_West_(politician)#Iraq_interrogation_incident
    He was most certainly not convicted of any such thing. Additionally, without a doubt he would bring votes of the black disenfranchised and unhappy voters. Believe me, the man not only deserves to be chosen but not to do so is to do so at your own peril. Here are the unhappy black voters who genuinely see the truth about Obama

    See Obama get shouted off the stage at his own rally…by BLACKS AGAINST OBAMA.

  6. HE made it troubling!!!! GREAT VIDEO!!
    He doesn’t deserve to speak!
    Get out of bed with the Saudi Oil and drill here, you punk!

    GO WEST!!!!

  7. I can’t support anyone who doesn’t support our American Birthright. Mitt Romney isn’t a natural born Citizen because his father never naturalized himself when he came into this country as a Mexican citizen. How do I know this? I don’t really know it, but there is good prima facie evidence that would suggest that it is true; that’s why Romney has to address it and set the record straight — unless he sees himself exactly like Obama, and think himself too big to obey the Constitution, or even has to explain himself to us little people. I don’t think Mr. West would knowingly support a person who is knowingly violating the Constitution of the United States; do you?

    ex animo

    • You are NOT alone with feeling that way. We all do!
      And, YOU, my friend did NOT watch the video I left.
      He DID NOT support it LIKE YOU BELIEVE it says.

      YOU DID NOT watch the Video or you could NOT respond the way you have!
      What Obama does with it? Obama may TWIST it as he usually does….BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WEST SAID!
      He is on record in his words; not some journalist twisting “his words.”

      And, for the record, you are NOT the only one who is worried, angry and bitter. You could accept you are NOT alone instead of acting like a total jackass to those who are there “for you!”

      • You know, you are probably right. I usually don’t watch videos recommended by people who can’t articulate their points of view clearly, without boring videos.

        And for the record, Rep. West did indicate he would consider being Romney’s running mate. And my question to you is: How can we expect Rep. West to defend our American Birthright, if he can’t defend his own?

        ex animo

      • I knew it! I knew it ! I knew you would make up another excuse. AND, it is NOT boring.
        I will NOT answer anything you question since you are so “hate-filled for anyone WHO IS TRYING her heart out. ”
        Find out for yourself…you’ll get nothing from me; nor will I try to explain things to anyone who wants to negate and NOT debate.

        I CAN articulate very very well. However, with such a “hate-filled” man who is argumentative for “the sake of arguing” , I am not going to bother with you. You are a WASTE OF MY VALUABLE TIME…or anyone else’s for that matter.

        I am sorry for our Military if they had to put up with you. You Offer no new information. You criticize and belittle what is offered. You’re not worth the trouble to even debate with since you “blame and criticize” bitterly without offering “any NEW information to “refute” in a normal dialog.

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