Rep Allen West “Re-electing President Obama in Nov will have devastating consequences” by Daniel Doherty

by: Daniel Doherty  Web Editor,

Two days ago, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) gave an inspiring and must-watch speech at a tax day rally in Wellington, Florida. Speaking extemporaneously, he explained that the coming presidential election was basically a choice between two futures (and echoing the sentiments of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan), reminded his audience that re-electing President Obama in November will have devastating consequences for the current generation and posterity.

During his remarks, though, I was particularly struck by how warmly he spoke about his parents. During the 1920s and 1930s, for example, he recounted how his mother and father faced unbelievable hardships growing up and later raising their family in South Georgia. Despite widespread racism and segregation, however, they never instilled in their son the belief that he was a victim. Instead, they taught him to pursue his dreams and take advantage of all the opportunities available to him as an American citizen.

Presumably, one of the reasons Congressman West entered political life was to preserve and protect the American Dream, which he believes is slowly but surely slipping away. “Never let anyone tell you,” he said to an enthusiastic audience, “that you cannot reach whatever level of achievement that you determine within your heart that you can have. That’s America.”


Complete Introduction and totally unedited video can be found here:  by CBFloridaGator on You Tube Channel 

7 responses to “Rep Allen West “Re-electing President Obama in Nov will have devastating consequences” by Daniel Doherty

  1. We now know. You know that. I can guarantee you, he won’t be “voted in”.
    Yet, he will still be there.
    This is how he got in in 2008:

    VATICAN CALLS: Video: This Hoax Affects Everyone–RIGGED!!

    “Media Decides the Results in Advance-takes a “guess as to the outcome”. The entire thing is a Hoax

  2. Then of course, some genius came up with this one. Let’s say you vote for Allen West for President; however! It has been programmed to change the vote from Allen West to… say Romney.

    • Well, don’t I feel silly. I didn’t know about that!
      I will read it more closely 2morrow.

  3. This man needs to step up and run for President now he can still do it before the convention. Also he needs to talk to Newt and get their heads together to lead this country in the right direction and get us back on track.

    • Ralph, the sad thing sometimes ? It is all about $$ and having enough of it to run. I am sure West is financially comfortable (or at least I hope he is because he deserves it); however, it takes soooo much $$.
      That is a plus IF he and Newt could run as President/VP… Newt has been getting the financial backing. And, that would be one helluva team!!!

      I HAVE NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that they will win….
      My doubt? Obama has no intentions of stepping down no matter “who actually wins.”
      P.S. I have no clue “how” to accomplish this. WE need to restructure the campaigns that that the “media” will donate time for ADS.
      Everyone who is a “viable” candidate “can?”be chosen then at the debates — and there needs to be MUCH MORE oversight at the Caucus Votes (Romney DID NOT win Iowa is a good example).

      Right now the way it is? It is run by the Golden Rule: “Who has the gold has the rule”.
      IF you have any ideas to toss around…let me know…I’ll be back on later today.

  4. Heck! I came back up here to see if anyone had an idea of constructing a campaigning idea which would NOT exclude people who didn’t have a Million+ to campaign.