Listen toThe Steve Gill Show – Herman Cain says Col. Allen West Should be the VP Choice

Uploaded by  on Apr 9, 2012

While on the Steve Gill Show, former presidential candidate Herman Cain stated that GOP front-runner Mitt Romney should pick Rep. Allen West (R-FL) as his Vice Presidential nominee.

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4 responses to “Listen toThe Steve Gill Show – Herman Cain says Col. Allen West Should be the VP Choice

  1. I know my message is being moderated and I was hoping for a comment or contact regarding these claims.
    JL Mealer

    • This blog is not maintained by Congressman Allen West, it is a volunteer site and we can’t get to every post always in the most timely fashion. As for your post, I just had time to look it over and I do not see where you have shown that the Congressman knowingly took “tainted” money. I do see that you have provided detailed information on Virgil Goode. Until I have researched all the facts on the “tainted cash” and verified the entire MZM information you have provided I will let your comment stay in moderation. Once this has been proven 100% factual I will get your comment posted right away. I do not presume anyone is guilty until I personally have researched all the facts for myself. This is a routine for this website. Thanks for your information and it will be reviewed in a timely manner.

      • Actually, you do not need to post any of it. I was hoping to find out from the West group what info they had on this. Obviously I am subscribed to this newsletter because I support West’s service… I simply ran across the MZM and other defense contractor connections while digging up the truth about Virgil Goode.

        Godspeed, my friend.