Congressman Allen West – Pompano Beach Resident to Receive Medals in Town Hall Ceremony

Congressman Allen West Town Hall

Pompano Beach Resident to Receive Medals in Moving Ceremony at Rep. West Town Hall

William Mackey-  Vietnam 1967 – 1968; Quartermaster on USS Lowry, DD-770

Medals: National Defense Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal and Bronze Star Attachment (triple)
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon
flag flown over Capitol

*Mackey and his shipmates to make Rep. West honorary member of the USS Lowry today

Mr. Mackey’s former comrades and family will be in attendance:

Howard “Rusty” Curll, Bosun’s Mate on Lowry 1968-1969
Larry Witte, Supply Officer on Lowry 1968-1969
Ralph Atchu (pronounced like a sneeze) USCG 1965-1967
Don Oliff, Engine Room on Lowry 1951-1955 (Korea)
Mr. Curll’s neice, Mary Ann Dorsey, Lt USN 2 tours in Iraq

Mr. Mackey was the enlisted navigator and helmsman on the USS Lowry as part of 7th Fleet in Vietnam. The Lowry provided plane guard, naval gunfire support and protection for the 101st Airborne Base, the DMZ area and Mekong Delta area.  Mr. Mackey’s second mission on the Lowry was a highly classified mission off the coast of China shortly after the USS Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans. Mr. Mackey also had the privilege of being at the helm of the Lowry during a transit through the Panama Canal.  Mr. Mackey is a lifelong resident of south Florida and the Historian and past-President of the Lowry Association.

Ceremony/Town Hall

Today, Tuesday, April 3rd

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Pompano Beach Civic Center

Emma Lou Olson Center Main Auditorium

1801 Northeast 6th Street

Pompano Beach, FL 33060


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