Congressman Allen West’s Conservative Army – Find out how you can help

Every quarter the Federal Election Commission requires every federal campaign to disclose their funds raised, spent, and amount they have in the bank.  These filings are important to every campaign, since the media scrutinize them and draw conclusions about the “health” of a given campaign from them.

But for us, this first quarter filing is more important than most.

This month is our first push to show our opponents nationally that we’re ready to fight, and that the campaign will continue to stand up for what is true and just about our country.

By now you know Allen doesn’t mince words, and I expect he will be particularly outspoken when it comes to calling out the Administration and Democrats in Congress who want to hold our nation back.

But that means the big guns will be aimed at our campaign.  Democrats and their SuperPACs will blanket South Florida with mailers, “robocalls”, and negative TV ads all meant to discredit Allen.  So we need to be prepared to fight back.

I wanted to quickly update you on our campaign and ask you to make an urgent March filing deadline contribution of $25 or more.

And we need your help.


Catherine Faulkner

Allen West for Congress

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