Obama Apologizes For Qur’an Burning But BIBLE Burning OK – by W.J.Murray

Feb 26th, 2012 | By  for Religious Freedom Coalition

Obama to Muslims – We are sorry. Obama to Muslims – We are really sorry. Obama to Muslims – Please forgive us as you kill our soldiers 

OBAMA APOLOGIZES FOR QUR’AN BURNING BUT BIBLE BURNING OK – In 2009 several boxes of Holy Bibles were burned at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because they were in the native Afghan language. There was a fear that rather than be given to Afghan Christians that they could be used to “convert Muslims. As news agencies reported the story, not once was the word “holy” used in front of the word Bible. This week President Barack Obama crawled forward to apologize for the burning of a couple of Qur’ans that were defaced by Muslims in an effort to pass escape plans to one another at a prison at Bagram Air Base. Does anyone see a double standard here? Two Americans were killed and five wounded by an Afghan soldier for “revenge.” No apology from the Afghan government and none requested by President Obama. The message to Islamic terrorists: “No need to apologize for murder in the name of Islam but as a nation we will crawl on our knees and kiss your butts to apologize if we inadvertently harm your precious Qur’an.

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4 responses to “Obama Apologizes For Qur’an Burning But BIBLE Burning OK – by W.J.Murray

  1. This is the only place I could find to leave a general comment.
    I read with great interest William Murray’s story about his mother and family. His astute, intelligent thoughts touched me.

    I just see though, that in its extremities, his beliefs are pretty much as extreme as his family’s.Somewhere, it seems that the Murray family’s belief’s should come in the middle, and not the extremes it is known for. It’s not live and let live. I am sorry to see that Mr. Murray’s wise intelligence is used to rant against women’s rights , and same sex marriage. I guess it’s just like his mom did with her extreme beliefs. I would think after living a life with his “evil” mother, he would have learned that extremes in any direction hurt. I think Mr. Murray survived a sad situation and upbringing during his life. He’s come out of it well. I think he should learn from the extremes of his mother and live and let live.

    • Patricia,

      I would encourage you to study the natural results of the things that you are defending. I am 58 years old, so I remember when abortion was illegal – and very rare. Fast-forward to last month when there was a news story about
      clinicians who were peforming third trimester abortions and hiding the bodies.

      Before that, there was a story about women dying from post-abortion infections. Before that, a story about clinics knowingly and repeatedly performing abortions on very young girls who were brought in by their traffickers. These children are literal sex slaves! Where was PPs concern for THEIR welfare?

      Yet we still hear the tired old “rape and incest” and “safe,legal and rare” mantras…

      Now, in Mr. Murray’s March 9 report from Washington, we read
      “Cogressman Joe Pitts (R-PA) went to the floor of the House to express his outrage over an article in the February edition of the Journal of Medical Ethics titled “After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” The authors state that “merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone the right to life.”

      Is this really the direction in which you want to go?

      Alberta Canada just passed a law mandating that homeschool parents teach their children that homosexuality is normal. Do you really want your government telling you what you can teach your own children?

      And what about the story on this site about the atheist attacked by a Muslim, yet the Muslim was not punished, because the Muslim judge sided with the attacker.

      Is this what you want? What happens when it is YOUR baby that is deemed unworthy to live, YOUR beliefs that can’t be taught to your own child, YOUR daughter being forced to have an abortion by a boyfriend or – God forbid – a trafficker, or YOUR loved one being beaten for exercising free speech?

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