Merely Voting is not enough this Election Cycle, We Must do much more – Allen West Republic

Happy Elections is on Tuesday, 6 November 2012

250 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes until Days till 2012 Presidential Election

This is how long we have Patriots. Redeem the Time.
Merely Voting is not enough this Election Cycle. We Must do so much more.

You are the Elite. We must Fight, Educate, Convince, and Be Leaders. We must Vote, and Bring iothers to the Polls with us. Do not look to the Left or Right for someone to Lead. Look in the Mirror, and there you will find your Leader.

Allen West Republic is in Process of Leading this Charge. If you need specific courses of Action, we will give you a Daily Planner. We will give you Daily Talking Points, and Targeted Strategies for engaging this Fight. At the end of each Day, we should be able to look ourselves, and our Children in the eyes, and say I have given my alll for this Country. If you do this, the rest will take Care of Itself.

Be Bold, Fear Not, Confront, and Blow our of your Comfortzone. Adapt, Adjust, but always be moving Forward, What we do in this moment will determine our Children’s Reality. It is that Personal, so we must make it so. We are Fighting for our Childrens Spiritual and Physical Futures. When you see it this way you realize…IT IS NO LONGER A CHOICE, IT MUST BE A DEEP CONVICTION…

Endorsed by: John Swetland, Adam Wilhoit, Tanya Grimsley, Gilleigh McLain, Gloria Schmidt, Bob Maynard & a NATION of PATRIOTS
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One response to “Merely Voting is not enough this Election Cycle, We Must do much more – Allen West Republic

  1. Every election a candidate will let us know that this the most important election of our lifetime… Mostly it isn’t and usually the guy who convinced us to support him because of that perceived importance, creates the biggest mess. However I firmly believe that this coming election will be the most important for those who value their freedoms and prosperity. The natural events that shape our world call out for someone who brings to office those people who have the experience and capabilities necessary to salvage our Republic.. The mouthpiece is only one person and the truth of his success will be his advisers who will competently determine the honest course for the leader to take… They need to be persons of honor and integrity and willing to call out problems as they see them… and a philosophy the encourages the best from all the citizens of this grand Republic…