Rep Allen West “I will not stop reminding Americans who this President is”

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today:

“Three years ago today, President Barack Obama introduced a plan he promised would ‘create jobs that will jump-start our economy and transform it for the 21st century.’ 

Three years later, it is clear the stimulus was a complete failure.  The President took $800 billion dollars from hardworking taxpayers and wasted it on failed programs, special interests giveaways, and backwards economic policies driven by ideology rather than the economic reality confronting millions of Americans.

Instead of keeping the unemployment rate below eight percent and creating a vibrant economic recovery, the stimulus has made matters worse.

These are the inescapable facts: 13 million Americans are unemployed –up 1.1 million since Obama’s inauguration; gas prices are averaging close to $4 per gallon in some places, having more than doubled in three years; the average American has close to $50, 000 in personal debt, up more than $13,000 since 2009; the national debt is at $15.2 trillion, up 43 percent since 2009; more than 46 million people are on food stamps, up 45 percent since 2009;  and home values are down 13 percent.

What’s even more reprehensible is the President offered his budget this week asking for another $3.8 trillion dollars from hardworking taxpayers, and from our children and grandchildren who have yet to be born. This budget proves the President continues to focus on growing government and spending more of our money.

These policies are wrong and I will not stop reminding the American people that President Obama’s policies are destroying the country I spent 22 years defending, including fighting in two wars, as a United States Army Officer. My country means too much to me to remain quiet.” 


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  1. Congressman West is right to remind us of the Obama adminsitration waste: Look at the tragedy of American Schools: Report Card Exclusive: Government School Spending Up 375%, Scores Down 25%
    16 February 2012
    In an exclusive interview with Cato Institute’s Andrew Coulson, I asked how government spending could skyrocket as shown by the chart, while performance scores have declined over the same period of time. How is it that schools can afford to hire lunch inspectors to snoop in kids lunch bags as they did earlier this week, […]

  2. West needs to take this message directly to the American people by running commmercials NOW before the American public starts mentally marrying the idea that Obama finally got things turned around. We need pictures of the communities he was “organizing” and what they’re current state is and relate them to the current state of the country. We need to have his policies juxtaposed with those of Greece with pictures of their current state and we can’t wait until the election to get this message out after 50% of the public starts thinking Obama’s plans are finally working. No Way! And we damn sure can’t wait for the lame Republican Establishment like John Boehner or Mitch McConnell to lead us in any of this. West and Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need to act together and they need to act NOW!!!!!!!!

  3. You are Absolutely Right Judith! This Must get out to the People! No time to waste! Other then a handful of true Patriots in there,Most have become part of the Enemy within! Destroying this Great Nation!

  4. I was so ecstatic when West was elected because alot of us felt that he would be the one in Congress to confront the biggest attack on our Constitution in this nation’s history, Obama’s ineligibility(non-NBC), SSN fraud, and BC fraud. I know for a fact that Mr. West has seen the overwhelming evidence of the 2 latter felony crimes because a number of us sent it to him with delivery confirmation. Not to mention that the guy was never eligible in the first place because he isn’t a natural born citizen(child born on US soil to 2 US citizens). It’s absolutely shocking to me that anybody in Congress actually believes that Obama is just incompetent. The guy is doing exactly what he said he was going to do, he holds no allegiance to this nation and this is why Jon Jay specified that the President be a natural born citizen. I can’t imagine having the power to get Obama out of office within months, if not weeks, like West has and remaining silent. He’s lost friends in combat, just like I have, I couldn’t imagine remaining quiet knowing that Obama is spitting on the Constitution that our comrades died supporting and defending.

  5. Elect a social worker with a law degree , a cheap Chicago pol with no other experience, make him POTUS and Commander-in-Chief, and this is the inevitable outcome.

  6. Congressman West is dead-on accurate. Further, not only has BHO wrecked the economy further, but he has trampled the Constitution RIGHT AND LEFT! BHO looks at the Constitution longingly, waiting for the day he can use it as toilet paper the first “movement” after his coronation!

    • You’re right and if the Republicans don’t get the message out of what his second term is going to look like complete with the current visuals of present day Greece, we’re going to be heading much further down BHO’s highway of self destruction. Never underestimate the establishment Republican’s ability to miss an opportunity. We need to get this information out to West and he needs to use money to buy commercial air time and run his own damn commercials! He can at least articulate the conservative message in a concise and convincing manner. I’m yet to hear establishment types do either.

  7. America has received what she asked for. This man said America was the greatest nation on earth . . . but he is going to fundamentally change it. Red flag. Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come. There’s not much that can be done when people get caught up in a “mania”. Canada had one in the Trudeau years….Trudeaumania. Canada is still reeling from it. He is still looked at as Canada’s greatest Pm by the liberal crowd, as Obama will be afte he’s voted out in 2012! They will conveniently forget that he was supported enough to even get a second term. Americans, you must not let that person get back in office. You owe to the world, much less yourself!

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    • I am not a huge Romney fan, but I do think he has leadership qualities and the ability to beat Obama in a debate. I think if he puts Allen West on the ticket, it’s going to go a very long way toward getting the true conservatives with hope for this country’s future to the poles. Besides Rubio, West seems to be the only innate, non poll driven conservative out there that can energetically articulate the principles by which this country is going to get back on track to the Reagan type of prosperity we experienced during his term and for many years afterwards.

  9. I am not religious but I pray that the American people are smart enough to realize that Obama is a joke and that they go to the poles and VOTE him out of the White House. He is a smear on this country and we need to remove him from office. Is Rep Allen West going to run for office? I don’t give two sh…s about someone’s race, I just want a strong American to start standing up for this country and turn it around.

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