Congressman Allen West’s Move is anything but cowardice: by Kingsley Guy

by Kingsley Guy for Sun Sentinel

Because of redistricting, U.S. Rep. Allen West from District 22 will be heading northward to run in a more Republican-friendly District 18. I, for one, will be sorry to see him go.

Unlike a lot of politicians, West doesn’t equivocate or dance around issues. His sharp, conservative views make him an icon of the right. But he’s a demon to the left, which castigates him for being a tea party lackey.

That description doesn’t fit. West even earned the wrath of the tea party last summer when he voted to raise the national debt ceiling. It was a tough call, but the right one, and the vote showed West won’t be intimidated by either opponents or supposed allies.

West is a tough-minded politician who has developed a national reputation for straight-talk through television appearances and YouTube videos, but he’s also a superb “retail” politician who can work a room with the best of them. Democrats expecting to hate West have even been known after meeting him for the first time to walk away with newfound respect.


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