Meet Martha McSally for Arizona CD8 (Giffords Seat) Military Hero, Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment

(as seen on CBS 60 Minutes)

 McSally is conservative, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, and everything else that voters in a Republican-leaning district are yearning for.

McSally, who retired from the Air Force as a colonel, was also the first woman in United States history to fly in combat, and the first woman to lead a squadron into combat, in the skies above Iraq and Afghanistan. McSally is a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force Academy, earned her Master’s Degree, in Public Policy, from the JFK School of Government at Harvard, and in 1995 was one of only seven active duty Air Force officers selected for the prestigious Legislative Fellowship Program in Washington. She spent the last few years teaching military and foreign affairs to world leaders at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany.


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One response to “Meet Martha McSally for Arizona CD8 (Giffords Seat) Military Hero, Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment

  1. Martha is already a winner. I personally met her in 2011 when we were a part of an international group that escalated along a mountain peak. At that time I had two images in front of my eyes: one – Martha and the other – Mother Teresa .

    Lately, I had the opportunity to listen to her life story. I was very impressed! I felt her big heart in the following days. A heart which the most important thing at this point in her life is to give those who need her experience and her help.

    You can’t go on the road with Martha if you are not properly equipped or if it is unsafe to do so. First she guides you then you can continue the trip by her side.

    I am Romanian but I see in Martha the U.S. flag of the American dream, a reality that many foreigners think it can happen only in movies. Martha is a living reality and trust me when I say: it doesn’t matter the environment you come from, the country or what training you have, Martha is the same for all.

    God help you Martha, keep you healthy to accomplish your mission on earth and also fulfill your father’s desire: “Make me proud!”