Rep. Allen West Statement Condemning State Department for Denying Keystone Pipeline Project

(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement today upon learning of the State Department’s decision not to issue a permit to begin construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, before the February 21st deadline:

“It is absolutely irresponsible that the President would block a project such as the Keystone XL pipeline – a project that industry experts say would create at least 20,000 American jobs and be essential in helping jumpstart the American economy.  This decision today is further evidence that President Obama is not serious about setting the conditions for job creation nor working towards our energy independence as it relates to our national security.  Once again, President Obama has shown that his reelection and pandering to his left wing liberal environmental base is more important than securing the future for our nation.  The ramifications of this utterly disturbing politically motivated decision will be far and wide.  Congratulations China.”

13 responses to “Rep. Allen West Statement Condemning State Department for Denying Keystone Pipeline Project

  1. Obama’s hatred of the US is clearly exemplified in this action in which he diverts Canadian oil from the US to China. He wants to destroy our economy, weaken our defenses and bring our culture down to new lows. The bad news is that he’s succeeding. He must be replaced this November!
    While all of our Republican candidates are flawed, next to Obama they look like Saints.

  2. WHEN will the American public wake up and realize that this interloper is not looking out for the American people. He is narrow minded, self-centered and only looking our for his clostest comrades. He is a lier, a cheat and un-American. He is untrustwhothy, disloyal, egotisical and a true socialist in every sense of the word. i would not trust him to do anything he says he will do for the American public.

    Anybody But obummer for President. Hey Jimmy Carter, how does it feel no longer being the worst president in America’s history?

  3. LTC Allen West, I will vote for you to be our next Commander-in-Chief. At least you have walked the walk and can talk the talk. America knows that you can be trusted to do the job and will look out for America First.

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  5. Colonel West, how does the State Department have jurisdiction here? Under what doctrine does the State Department have the power to authorize a permit?

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  7. I wish Col West would enter the race as well, it would be a runaway win for him. If the American people really want a change then they had better wake up and realize that it WILL NOT HAPPEN IF we allow the status quo!! Our current President is daily pulling us into a deep hole that we will NEVER be able to get out of!!! Please people, PAY ATTENTION!!! We are drowning in DEBT!!!

  8. Common People ,The common answer to all of your questions is OIL , Frickin’ oil ! Follow the Money trail LOL

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