Congressman Allen West speaks up about Obama, Boehner on Military and pathetic policies – Audio

Uploaded by on Jan 6, 2012  “Congressman Allen West (R-FL) spoke to the Morning Majority about the current tensions between Republicans in Congress, specifically with Speaker John Boehner.”

WASHINGTON — Republican Florida Congressman Allen West had plenty of fire power to blast both his own House leadership and President Obama in a far-ranging interview Friday on the WMAL Morning Majority program.

West, an Iraq war veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee, told WMAL that President Obama’s plan to slash defense spending “completely decimates the ability of the United States military to be able to support and defend this country.”

The Obama plan is designed to save money by having the military take on what Defense Secretary Leon Panetta calls “additional but acceptable risk.”  Congressman West says the policy shows that “the President is totally misguided and shows a level of incompetence that is absolutely unconscionable.”

“For us to believe that we just say ‘here’s going to be X amount of dollars, and this is just where we’re going to take risks,’ there are people all over the world who are enemies of the United States of America who are cheering right now,” said West.

The 22-year Army veteran, who retired as a colonel in 2004, told WMAL the President needs to crack a book or receive a tutorial about war.

“When you look at battlefield calculus, you want to have a 3-to-1 advantage over the adversary in order to be able to have a successful campaign,” said West. “So when we sit back and say we’re going to try to do things just with drones or just with special forces… We’re just violating every single principle of war.”

West also accused President Obama of bad timing in discussing the defense spending cuts.


3 responses to “Congressman Allen West speaks up about Obama, Boehner on Military and pathetic policies – Audio

  1. everytime i listen to mr. west it breaks my heart he is not running for president. i am serious. this is the man who knows our enemies and is a student of history and god blessed him with a full tank of common sense.

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