At a packed Boca Raton Tea Party event Tuesday night, Rep Allen West sets the record straight on NDAA and more

By: Michele Kirk Source: BIZPAC Review Date: January 4, 2012
At a packed Boca Raton Tea Party event Tuesday night, Allen West began by clearing up questions about the controversial National Defense Authorization Act in the following video:

Congressman Allen West for US Congress – Florida CD22


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8 responses to “At a packed Boca Raton Tea Party event Tuesday night, Rep Allen West sets the record straight on NDAA and more

  1. The problem with the NDAA and Congressman West’s defense of it is that it fails to grasp certain legal doctrines of statutory construction and interpretation. Put simply, the just because the NDAA does not REQUIRE the detention of Americans suspected of terrorism, it allows it.

    Mr. West and the NDAA focus on the words saying that it exempts Americans from the detention “requirement”. The detention requirement in the NDAA REQUIRES (meaning the executive has no discretion) that certain people suspected of being/aiding terrorists MUST be detained by the military rather than civilian courts. So what this means for Americans, then, is that it does not strip the executive’s discretion to detain Americans in military prisons. It ONLY means he is not REQUIRED to detain Americans suspected of aiding terrorists; for Americans, he has a choice. The executive may transfer Americans to civilian courts, or may detain them in military prisons. If a non-citizen were arrested, the executive would be REQUIRED to detain him in a military prison. However, though the executive is not required to hold Americans in military prisons without due process, he may do so under the language of the NDAA. Even the President acknowledged this power when he signed the NDAA. (Though he claimed he will not use it).

    Without legal training such a distinction is easily missed; don’t be mistaken, the distinction is real and it is substantial.

    Don’t be fooled by the legal jargon: AMERICANS CAN BE DETAINED IN AMERICA UNDER THE NDAA.

    • That’s what people aren’t getting. Some of our congressmen tried to exempt US citizens but the exemption was taken out. Inclusions or exemptions have to be spelled out, otherwise they are implied.

  2. We are less afraid of Al Qaeda and acts of terrorism than we are of ANY president reserving to THEMSELVES the authority to detain/imprison/rendition us, at his whim, being aided and abetted by Congress!. What in the hell didn’t Congressman West understand about this? He choose to hand Obama dictatorial powers over We the People! He betrayed his sacred Oath of Office to Uphold and Defend the Constitution! He has assented to the utter shredding of our Bill of Rights! These are acts of TREASON and SEDITION!

    When I think of the hope so many of us placed in him NOT be one of THEM I could just cry!

    If he has any hope of redeeming himself he must PUBLICLY renounce his support of the Patriot Act and the NDAA and fight aggressively to recover our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS and investigate and expose the FEMA concentration camps they are preparing for us dissenters at this very moment.

    We are not fools, Congressman West. We are disappointed that you are.

  3. May I recommend a statement, not dissimilar to the Declaration of Independence, be written and published in a full page ad in USA today or some other national publication declaring that WE THE PEOPLE reject, utterly and completely, the NDAA, as is not only our right, BUT OUR DUTY. Further, in recognizing that the NDAA, along with the Patriot Act, are direct and treasonous assaults on our Bill of Rights, we are serving notice that should we personally experience ANY ATTEMPT to ‘detain/imprison/rendition’ ourselves or our neighbors without a warrant for such an action as per our unimpeachable, irrevocable Constitutional RIGHT, we will resist with whatever force is necessary to protect ourselves and our communities. I will be happy to JOHN HANCOCK it myself.

    This is not a joke! This is for all the marbles! The future of our nation depends completely on our willingness to resist to the uttermost!

  4. pg 657 – “The REQUIREMENT to detain a person in military custody, under this section, does not extend to citizens of the United States.” Legally the fact that it is not required leaves the option open. It’s not REQUIRED to detain US citizens, but US citizens COULD BE detained. There is legal precedent in favor of this interpretation. To correct this situation pg. 657 needs to specifically EXCLUDE American citizens from detainment. I know, it seems like legal jargon and mincing words, but you don’t want to have to explain it to your cellmates after you are detained.

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