Congressman (LTC) Allen West at David Horowitz​’s Restoration Weekend

The following talk by Colonel Allen West was delivered at David Horowitz​’s Restoration Weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida (Nov. 17-20, 2011). Introductory remarks were given by David Horowitz.

Allen West: Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you so much, David.

And it’s amazing when the introduction is actually longer than the amount of time allotted to you that you’re supposed to speak.


So we’ll see what we can do with that.

But first of all, David, thanks so much for having me here.  And once again, I’d like to introduce everyone — if you have not met my wife, Dr. Angela West; and my youngest daughter, Austen West.


And I know that we have a couple of my colleagues here — Congressman Royce from California and Congressman Turner from New York.  So thank you.


And there are many dear friends that are here.

I just want to take maybe 10 to 15 minutes to talk to you about what I think the challenges are for us going forward.  We are truly in a battle for the future and the legacy of the United States of America.  And that battle is going to happen in less than one year.  And I’m really honored that David Horowitz and his Freedom Center continues to be on the frontline to talk about those issues that we all need to be educated on, and we all need to make sure that other people are educated on.  And we cannot back down from this.  Because what will we say to our children and grandchildren if we fail in this mission?

You know, I want to welcome each and every one of you to the district that I represent — United States Congressional District 22, right here, in Florida.


Now, I want to ask you a simple question, and I think it’s the question that is really the seminal question that we need to understand as we go forward for the next year — what is American exceptionalism?  Because I will tell you what American exceptionalism is to me — the fact that 50 years ago, when I was born, in 1961, in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, there would be no way possible that I would be standing here speaking in The Breakers.  The fact that now I can stand here as the representative for this great Palm Beach Island — a place that, I guarantee you, I would not have been able to come to 50 years ago — is a testimony to what makes America the greatest nation that the world has ever known.  And that is what we cannot forget.


However, the ideological chasm that exists in America today, with people that believe that there are such things as class or caste — they don’t understand that sense of American exceptionalism.  They don’t understand the fact that where you are born in America, or where you come from, has nothing to do with where you end up, or your station later on in life.  That is what we must fight for in our country.


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